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    So I am really thinking about running HGH. But getting all my knowledge in place before doing so. That being said.

    I am on t4 already at 112 mcg a day because of thyoid issues. I have been on for 8 years. If running HGH should I up the t4? Or keep it the same?

    I will be getting baseline blood work for EVERYTHING before running any HGH. Because doing baseline bloods before running any Test was the best thing I could of done.

    Edit 112 mcg keeps me right in the middle of where the range is.
  2. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis causing Hypothyroidism.

    two things.

    One: Do yourself s favor and check @Mighty-mouse thread below where he is testing Opti, he and Mands answer a lot of questions there.

    Two... I actually also posted blood work in his thread as well.

    My bloodwork shows that after starting GH
    My TSH increased above normal and my T4 decreased to low normal range.
    (Before GH I was within normal ranges)

    I battles this by dosing an additional 25mcg T4 above my prescription.

    I also upped my t4.. because I feel comfortable at around 35 mcg than I do around my usual 25mcg (I csnt properly convert T4 to t3

    I hope this helps bro... I know it's a bit of s long response, but I figured you may want my reasoning and be able to see my.bloods... I would post them here.. but I don't have the file on this device and I wont be home for a few days.
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    It’s hard to say. I would up it a little get blood work done 3 weeks in see where it lands at and then back dose down if you can.
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    Ahen tsh increases and t4 decreases that means you need more t4? I remember its kind of backwards. I have been reading the opti threade with mighty
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    I am very familiar with hoshimotis my family member has it. Its destroys your thyroid. Theres was at 4000.
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    With the increased hgh and igf your thyroid will increase the rate at which it converts T4 to t3. So without any added T4 it will run low.

    @mands and I are currently seeing if after a while without T4 the levels will return to baseline. We will know in a few weeks with my next bloodwork.
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    So it makes the t4 to t3 conversion better. Actually increasing your t3 but in return lowering t4. Which is why you should supplement t4 amd not t3?
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    It makes the conversion faster. So at first your thyroid will not keep up with converting iodine into T4. But it does look like they level off and return to normal after time.

    But I don’t have a thyroid issue so it could be different with someone with a thyroid condition
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  9. Basically, before medication, I had HIGH TSH without enough T4
    Someone without our condition, as the TSH increases, their T4 increases at a level ratio.

    Not me.
    My TSH increases exponentially while my T4 increase at a insufficient ratio

    T3 for me is a special case.
    Most will be able to produce it themselves with a regiment of T4, I cannot produce enough from T4 to be sufficient, so i have to supplement with exogenous T3.

    Long story short, you may need a big more t4 to maintain your current levels.

    Like @Mighty-mouse said, bloodwork

    To get to the number of 25mcg, additional required when running GH, i did a few sets of bloods.
    So I wasnt stabbing at the dark, I would bet that you will need minor supplementation, but I just dint know your body
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