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    Got bloods pulled a week or so a go. Couple things are out of whack. Test is way low and estrogen is as well. Currently not taking anything other than 3iu black tops a day. Anyone have any thoughts as to why my estrogen is so low. I should add at the time blood work was taken I was on 2 iu's of HGH off of Alibaba. As well as just finishing a course of predisone as well as a run of amoxicillin, and I was taking 600mg of ibprofen daily. I had donated blood a week prior, and didn't need to apparently from the blood work I look anemic. image000000_01.jpg
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    My guess would be there’s not enough T to aromatize into E.
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    That makes sense thanks
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    next time get your ferritin level checked to make sure your iron stores are ok.

    Until then, try adding "Enzymatic Therapy - Ultimate Iron, 90 Softgels" if you are concerned about anemia.
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    oh, one more thing:
    next time around get blood testing first; then, only if needed and testing results show your ferritin etc is ok, donate.
    Do not donate with those number so low until you are confident you know why they are low.
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    Totally, I am pretty sure they are that low from the donation but, have some follow up blood work with my primary doctor in a month or so.
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    You would have been turned down for donation with H&H that low anyway. The pseudo-anemia is from the recent donation.
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