Taking HGH based on my levels any sense?

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    I am wondering if I can expect any benefits from hgh or ghrp-6 if my igf-1 level is already above top range level and I didn't even start intermittent fasting (which I tried 2 years ago and will do it again). Here are my results:
    IGF-1...........260 uG/l......(ref. 88-250)
    IGFBP-3.......5,5 mg/L......(ref. 2,61-6)
    Insulin.........3,5mE/L.......(ref 2-29)
    4 years ago I had similar results. Blood sugar is fine. Not sure if insulin should be higher. I eat daily 250-300g carbs, but mainly from brown rice, potato and oats, no white bread or sugars.

    I am thinking to take if for better recovery and for better immunity because I have some problems with health. I have been very tired all the time for last past years. Thyroid and adrenals results look fine, also t levels are normal, most probably the cause is compromised immune system caused by viral infection. Doctors can not help me so I am looking solution on my own.

    Could be adding extra HGH or GHRP-6 if my igf-1 levels are already high dangerous, can I expect any extra benefits? I will also start with intermittent fasting again, last time I felt better during it. This will probably push insulin even lower and igf-1 even higher and I am really not sure if adding hgh or GHRP-6 makes any sense.

    Tnx for any comment!
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    I forgot to add that I am 33 years old male.
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    Well it depends on what you’re trying to achieve both subjectively and quantitatively in terms of IGF. That’s a great baseline I’ll say. I would be lucky to get that on 3iu of GH daily.

    I guess if you said that you wanted to run 6iu per day or higher, and your goals/stats were in line, then I could see doing it. If not, then you are pretty set with your baseline
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  4. For increased recovery and immunity I don't think it's worth the time or money.

    With too high igf-1 levels you have to start watching for cancer growth. Also a study showed some guys have developed gyno believed to be caused by elevated igf1. Then have to watch because lethargy can be one of the side effects of gh so that's kind of counterproductive to your end goal.

    You believe your immune system is compromised from a viral infection. What kind of viral infection, especially one that modern medicine can't help?

    If just trying to boost immunity vitamin and mineral supplements can do that - Zinc, magnesium, vitamin c - the different B vitamins (b12, b6, etc) can help boost energy.