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    New to the site but not to bodybuilding. Love this sport and keep pushing my limits. I cycle between straight up bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, and crossfit type workouts. Because cardio machines are fucking boring shit.

    I work with a trainer fixing and addressing mechanical issues, form, and deep fascia/release work so I can keep up the intensity and stay injury free.

    Age: 47
    Weight: 195 lbs.
    Height: 6'

    Cycled orals in the past and so done with that garbage. Will be taking my first run at IM under the guidance of a well seasoned pro OL lifter. All in hand.
    Test Cyp 500/week 1-12
    hcg 500/week 2-10
    Tbol 40-60mg/day weeks 1-6 (if sides are tolerable. Some get tired, headaches, stomach issues. Hoping I wont)


    Thanks for having me.