Tamoxifen or Arimidex on TRT?

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    Been studying many of @Bill Roberts articles which all are amazingly written. However I have a question I can't quite understand the answer to. I'm currently on trt 150mg test per week, pinning twice of 75mg every 3 or 4 days. Since this is a permanent external source of test, I don't need to worry about having my production come back after a cycle. However I do think my estrogen levels creep up occasionally and affect libido, erections and other aspects. Of course I'd like my natural production to stay active as much as possible, and I realize that's an hcg issue, that's for another topic. So my question is would arimidex or tamoxifen be appropriate at low to moderate levels throughout the trt regimen. I know the simple answer is an AI will lower my estrogen but I'm wondering what benefits a serm would give me in relation to my estrogen and or natural production of test.
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    No, seriously...I know an AI is a good idea in moderation because they can be very strong. But as an alternative to hcg to keep testes working, I thought tamoxifen would be helpful on an ongoing trt regiment. My thought is that since tamoxifen tricks the cells to think that estradiol levels are very low that it responds to produces more LHRH in response to apparently very low estrogen. And that stimulates the pituitary to produce LH, which in turn stimulates the testes, restoring testosterone production. Would that actually cause the body to produce more LH to help keep the testes healthy or would the constant source of external testosterone override this reaction?
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    That’s the negative feedback loop you’re talkikg about with SERMs. Unfortunately, there is also a positive feedback loop with regards to test levels.
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    Thanks, ill do more research. I keep forgetting our body is a wise old man and is used to all of our tricks. I unfortunately am on trt for most likely the rest of my life so it's a balancing act even outside of a cycle. So hope you understand my frustration and eagerness to ask questions.