TB 500 and peripheral neuropathy

I've seen a lot of medical references but none that I can find of a real life experience. I have someone in my life that suffers from neuropathy and it has been spreading throughout their body (doctors haven't been able to do shit over 10 years time). I'm constantly researching potential solutions and was going to get a round of BPC-157 and TB-500 for myself and then came across literature saying it could potentially help in this area as well. Anyone have personal experience or references of this helping?


I have bad neuropathy in my fingers, one from a bad injury severed a nerve in a couple makes things especially bad.

High test makes it worse, it tends to go away when I give blood, intense cardio makes it better for a couple days, and BPC/TB-500 haven't done shit.

Gabapentin numbs the pain enough but sadly can't openly get a script for it anymore because of work.

I will say that BPC did exactly as advertised for tendons after fucking up deadlifts, so maybe it works. Worth a shot, I had zero side effects. Just don't try it in your dick.