Tb500 experiences?

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  1. Demondosage

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    Got some for elbow pain that's persisted for a year now. Was planning on shooting 1ml per day in my triceps tendon right near elbow, for about 4-6 weeks. Anyone ever use It? I'm pretty sure the source is reputable
  2. Gerard

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    it works! think the protocol is 4 to 5 mg a week... 2 to 2.5 mg 2X wk... I broke my elbow(fracture in the cup area) falling down some stairs 4 months ago and it wasn't quite healing after 3 months... Did some TB500 and it healed pretty rapidly..... hope this helps
  3. Demondosage

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    Man I'm really glad to hear that!!! I've read anywhere from 4mg a week to closer to 8mg a week if you're over 200 lbs. I figured I'd make life easy and just shoot 1mg a day. Did it have any effects on other areas outside of just the area of pain? I've read about this stuff healing almost every area of pain in joints, not necessarily just the place shot directly
  4. Gerard

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    yea.. for sure...One shot 2.5mg I took.. I felt it soothe my elbow two hours later... just sub q it in your stomach... it will go seek and destroy the pain in many places... TB500 knows where to go... for me its good stuff... after 3 months with my injury I couldn't lift the bar off the bench still... heard about TB500.. after 3 weeks I was benching 185 for some reps.... you'll know in the first 2 weeks if its working...
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  5. legendary

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    If it's legit it works wonders. No BS
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  6. Disarm

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    Had a close friend use it and his issues were gone in 3 weeks. I was so unsure of it but after watching his progress I am a believer. Obviously, I also feel like it depends on the person. But it's not expensive so it's worth the try.
  7. legendary

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    I think if you have benign tumors or predisposition to cancerous tumors it may speed up the growth process tho
  8. Demondosage

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    Hit my first shot today as close to the elbow as possible, about 1/4" above straight into the triceps tendon with 1/2" slin pin. Pain is literally a fraction of what it was after just 1 poke!!!! I'm hoping for a full recovery in the nxt month here and I think I found the ticket!!!
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  9. Dr JIM

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    Similar improvement in pain have been noted w acupuncture and trigger point injections but reversal of a chronic inflammatory process such as TE, which tends to fluctuate like the wind is unheard of.

    Nonetheless Good Luck
  10. ripgh15

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    I took it at 1mg EOD. it was awhile back. but I did that for my bicep tendoitis for about 4-5 weeks. It did end up going away. I do believe it works but then again i can't say forsure. It is worth a shot tho!
  11. Demondosage

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    Good to hear. I'm going to keep my training really light during these next few months and just focus on bringing on a super lean look, even if I drop 20-30lbs I'm fine with that. I have found that parallel grip pushup with my arms close to my ribs are one of the best ways to still stimulate my triceps without the pain. I dont want this to be one of those things where I feel the pain subsiding and then get dumb and train super heavy and it comes right back. I know if there's any legitimacy at all to this it's still going to take time for the area to fully heal.

    I think I'm still going to go to physical therapy and see if they can at least ultrasound the area to get rid of any possible scar tissue, which I'm sure there is. This has persisted for several months now, maybe a year
  12. Demondosage

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    Day 2, more improvement. Did some overhead pressing and was actually able to straighten my arm out pain free with no cracking noises or feelings of limitation in range of motion. I hit a second ml last night before bed, and another upon awakening.

    One problem though....jacks my blood sugar to hell and back!!! It took about 3x the insulin this morning to stay in normal range. So it's a given I'm going to be using more insulin on this stuff but if it works then I'm ok with it. Going to run a strong 4 wks with it and see what happens. This morning I injected straight into the bursae sac on the tip of my elbow (or visually where I thought it'd be) , so far so good, life is much better now
  13. Anabolic-Chicken

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    any progress with your TB 500 run?