Tbol as PWO?

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  1. FiEnD

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    Im curious to know if Tbol can be used only as a PWO? Ive never ran an oral with such short half life. Looking to boost strength say monday/wed/friday for example. Or even just before combat sports competition.

    Thanks in advance guys
  2. 16 hour half-life there, guy. i wouldn't call that short.

    Edit to add:

    After a little digging, it appears Tbol has the longest half-life amongst the most common orals, with a half-life nearly double that of Anavar and Winstrol, which clock in at around 9 hours.

    i learned something new today. :)
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  3. FiEnD

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    Idk i guess i consider any half life that is in a matter of hours to be short. But thats par for the course with most all orals.

    Does Tbol need to be ran daily to get the full benefits? (I.e. winstrol) or can it be broken up like i mentioned above?

    Thanks for your replg dude
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  4. That i can't tell you. Never used (legit) Tbol, so i honestly couldn't say.

    With any oral i run, i run it everyday. i want the full effect, not just a temporary pwo boost.

    i'm sure you'll get more responses from those who have been there and done that though.
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  5. Aztrocreep

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    I've heard Halo pop up in Pwo conversations......
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  6. Just1more

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    I ran tbol last cycle. Where its not that powerful of an oral as compared to dbol and Anadrol I dont feel that you would see any real benefit from only using it pwo.
  7. Test_Subject

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    Never tried it PWO, but considering the long half life and relatively weak effects, I'd imagine it wouldn't work so well as such.
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  8. barneys

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    I use abombs as my preworkout. Go for it
  9. RomanMVP

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    Big fan of Tbol, but I've only used it 40-60mg. ed.
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  10. Never used it as a PWO but I’ve ran it in the past and currently running it now. I enjoy it a lot to be honest it’s not like crazy noticeable gains like dbol or Anadrol but most of what I gain from it stick. Right now is mid week 3 and is when I notice some good strength increase and a bit of increased vascularity as well. All in all for me it’s. A great compound for strength and lean/dry gains. 60mg seems to be my sweet spot.

    Superdrol is my go to for PWO orals. 20mg is the sweet spot anything higher than that is just too much. BP goes too high and I don’t see any added benefits.
  11. FiEnD

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    Hmmm SD as PWO... interesting
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  12. Gaynz39

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    Every Oral I’ve ever ran has been taken 1 hour before workout, and whenever on non workout days, but for sure daily.
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  13. I honestly like it a lot. I just started using it again today at the beginning of week 6 of this blast but I’m going to try a different approach instead of using PWO I’m going to do 20mg a day split am and afternoon. See what happens. Only gonna run it for 3 maybe 4 weeks. But imo preworkout its awesome. But anything over 20mg for me is too much. Don’t find any added benefits.
  14. stone988

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    any oral can be run pre its a preference and different for everyone. You got to try and see.
  15. Den84

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    The best pre work out will be always the dbol. I tried all oral pre wo... be careful with tbol I had the worst back pump with it
  16. FiEnD

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    Right. Im not talking every day.
  17. Sven_Northman

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    Tbol, like about any other oral, has to build up in your system before it imparts its androgenic effects. Some shorter or longer than others but my research says 2-3 weeks. So I don't see how it will have any immediate and beneficial effect in the way you have suggested. I have heard of others using SD PWO. I don't know why that is though.