Tbol vs. Var for Women

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    Hi Meso - I've been lurking for a few months, learning as much as I can. I'm four weeks in to my second-ever cycle of var, 10mg/day, split am/pm and doing well, almost no sides. I plan to do another cycle in a couple of months. I'm considering turinabol, partly because it's cheaper and also because my weightlifting buddy thinks I'll like the results.

    I've tried researching here and other places, but haven't found a whole lot of first-person testimony by women. Can anyone chime in and say a bit about the pros/cons of tbol versus Anavar for women? Anyone have direct or second-hand experience? Thanks!
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    Thank you for tagging me! I appreciate you thinking of me.
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    Hi!! I'm so happy to see someone interested in TBOL! It's an under utilized compound by women.

    Before I get into it, could you give me a bit of history? Stats, how was your first cycle and what doses/length?
    (I'm not being nosy, just wanting to gauge your body's response to AAS and your level.
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    Hello! My first cycle was Anavar for six weeks. I started out with 5mg split AM/PM for about a week, then 10mg split AM/PM for the remaining five weeks. That was about a year ago. I'm doing the same dose now, on week six and about one week to go.

    Sides have been minimal, the most noticeable being feeling heavy/sluggish around week two both times, but then that subsides.

    I'm 48 years old, 5' 7", 151#. Working out about 4 days a week, eating a surplus. Goal is to build for one more cycle. If I run anavar again, I'll probably go up to 15mg, split 3x/day since this has been such a positive experience.

    Meanwhile, my partner has some tbol leftover one of his previous cycles, and suggested I give it a try at 10mg/day. He thinks I'll like the muscle development. So, I hopped on here and a couple of other places, and have tried finding some first-hand experience by other women to get a sense of how it compares to anavar in terms of safety and side-effects.

    I'm not competing, this is just for personal development. Thanks so much!
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    So my recommendation, given you have had great success with var in short bursts, extend your cycle to an 8-10 week run. I feel like by week 6-8 is when a lot of good things happen. If you had no issues up to this point, you could continue for a few more weeks and see how you like it given you already know what 6 weeks does. Var is a compound that I ususally recommend longer runs with as it is mild (unwanted sides) but potent in results and how you feel.

    There is no need to split your var into 3 doses. If you increase the dose, take the larger dose in the morning then the second about 6-8hrs later due to the var half life. Or split it evenly if you can.

    As for TBOL, it is a lot like var but more endurance and power. I would recommend staring at 5mg. You can dose it up to 10mg a day. Again, split it into two doses about 6-8 hrs apart. You can run it up to 12 weeks as well like var. The hardness, vascularity and look will be similar to what you experienced with var. Tbol will give you that "power kick" that other compounds like adrol, dbol, sdrol would give you but not as extreme, and without the water retention. The pumps shouldn't hurt like they can on those other 3. The endurance on Tbol is great! Definitely a fun compound worth trying.
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    That's really helpful @GearGodess! I'll definitely run the var longer next time; unfortunately I'm going to be out at the end of week 6 this time. It's good to know that the Tbol is a good option.

    And thanks for all your posts here. I've been reading through a lot of them and you're suggestions and input are always great to read.
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    @GearGodess wondering how tbol might affect clitoral growth? wife wants it to grow without risking voice. var 10mg day has not worked, primo 50mg week started to but she stopped because of acne.
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    My wife has run various cycles on var, tbol, primo ace (tablets), NPP, dbol with hgh, clen, nolva, t3 etc. It depends of course a bit on where you want to go, the look you're aiming for. My wife's target is the wellness class look.
    She did tbol at 10mg and felt that it was relatively weak, won't do that again. No side effects to speak of either.
    Her best results by far has been from either 5mg tbol + 50mg primo ace, or just straight 75mg primo ace.
    Primo ace tablets have much lower bioavailability than injectable, the dosage is much higher for tablets. This gave her very solid lean gains over 8 weeks, with very little mental or physiological side effects. She hated the NPP and dbol for the sides - those were in a completely different league. If you want the physique look, you probably need to accept a fair bit of sides, and 10mg tbol won't get you there.

    As for the internet mantra that primo and var are commonly faked, I always send every new brand of tabs for testing to @janoshik and only once have I got a fake (ARL Russia, It looked totally amateurish, no codes or any counterfeit prevention). I have never got a fake from any long-standing big online source, or from serious gym bros)
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