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    Dude. TONS OF THREADS WITH INFO FROM ACTUAL GH USERS. Tons. I bet you could read for 3 weeks here and just scratch the surface of ALL the content gH related. Finding answers here isn’t hard. Really.
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  2. Adrian868

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    alright alright, you guys got your point across, you are pushing me to read. that I will do rather than watching fake CGI images and calling it real
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    My fucking telescope shows fake images of the other round planets? They're all round but the earth alone is flat? No matter how much you believe in conspiracies, lizard people, illuminati, etc, nobody in the scientific community or government is pretending the earth is round. Millions upon millions of people are trying to trick us?
  4. LeoTC

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    My former co-worker sent motherfuckers to the moon.

    Greatest claim flat Earthers make is that you can't see the curvature of the planet. Just a flat horizon.

    Except they fail to grasp that we don't actually see in 3D. The only reason that you perceive depth is because of the way light reflects / refracts off objects.

    But you still see the object in 2D, likewise an organism living in 2D space would only be able to perceive 1D. Our brains cannot even conceptualize 4D.

    So...how far removed do you think you'd need to be from an object the Earth's size before enough light is hitting it for you to reasonably perceive depth?

    Couple hundred or even thousand feet isn't going to cut it.
  5. Adrian868

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    Bro take your comments to the general discussion or off-topic if they have one, you sound like a total ass clown talking the same way I would sound if I started talking about muscle enhancing drugs
  6. LeoTC

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    You're lack of knowledge reflects on you, not me. But hey, I'll wait on you to tell me where I'm off base there you fucking plebe.

    Spoiler: I'm not.

    But I suppose you're one of the geniuses that confuses TIME with SPACE and believes it to be the fourth dimension too.

    PS: Your lazy ass isn't being spoon fed. Nothing to do here on topic accept tell you to go fucking read.
  7. Adrian868

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    ok there beta male lol
  8. LeoTC

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    Good God you're fucking weak.

    Coming on asking to be taught like a bitch that can't read for himself. Then getting pissy because a post regarding flat Earth theorists got up in your feels. Truth hurts I guess.

    Go pop an aromasin already.
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  9. Adrian868

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    For a guy that has co-workers that sent the man to the moon id assume your a big-time politician or army general...possibly an ex-prime minister, for someone whos a big timer like you........what you doing on a forum arguing with someone who wants to learn something? ... I mean forums are for learning not for coming in here and acting like a rooster because in real life you hide behind doors...common man don't you have anything better to do? I deal with guys like you all the time and next min your wig split and all that muscles didn't help at all. so stop being a keyboard warrior and either contribute to the question asked. sell your steroids or learn something
  10. LeoTC

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    Software engineer taking a development job because he was board in retirement actually.

    But hey, that was an awesome assumption.

    I'll point out that I didn't actually address you until you addressed me. And I just dropped basic physics, that you're clearly unable to comprehend. I'm sorry that it upset you? XD

    Perhaps I'm not the one needs to do the learning in this scenario.

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    Wow, you split peoples wigs! You're such an internet badass! Wtf is that shit. Just argue and dont talk about how bad you are. Nobody here gives a shit. And speaking of beta males, conspiracy theorists usually are.
  12. Adrian868

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    Beta males are the ones who get together bash someone, cackle, make jokes when something serious is at hand. I mean I am all for fun, but the whole point of the forum being categorize is so when your searching for something you not wasting time reading stupid threads like this one. it brings new meaning to meat head in this thread
  13. Adrian868

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    Nowhere in this thread did I say I'm a conspiracy theorist or a flat earther and out of nowhere you guys are on your bull shit jokes, if you're looking for a boyfriend there are the sites for that...and yes I am a Flat Earth believer...but i never came on a HGHsection to bring that topic up
  14. JP1979

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    So you figured out how to get to the right section but didn't read anything...
  15. LeoTC

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    Forums employ search functions and pin topics regarding frequently asked questions too.

    You know, so people don't post ridiculous threads expecting to be 'educated.' If you'd read through any number of similar threads you would have known that this would only serve to get you fucking blasted here.

    In other words, the only person taking this thread even remotely seriously is you.

    And you're getting soooo fucking bent out of shape that you're what? Calling the masculinity of the people you so desperately asked to spoon feed you into question?

    Getting but hurt over simple science and making baseless assumptions while you call us keyboard warriors?

    You are a fucking baboon.

    Seriously, you should just pack it up and head over to BOP or ERoids. You've already shit the bed here.
  16. LeoTC

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    You didn't have to.

    The rest of us read.
  17. Adrian868

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    Head over? i didnt know your the big shot caller in here. what you and your buddy that send men to the moon gonna move me. buddy your a cockroach in my world
  18. LeoTC

    LeoTC Member

    Did I give you directive or make a statement?

    On that note, I'm sure I am. I don't think you're even remotely living in the same world as the rest of us.

    And still not mustering up anything more than internet tough talk. Are you capable of making an intelligent or, at the very least, interesting response?
  19. Adrian868

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    Yep your clearly a fag looking for a boyfriend
  20. LeoTC

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    Got a Trans girlfriend with more than enough dick for me actually.