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    Beta male: " Can someone please teach me about hgh and hold my hand?"
    Alpha male: I'm interested in hgh, I think I'll read the plethora of info on the internet."
  2. For the OP. Keep your head up, pal.

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    Here I was smiling at my phone till I read, 'For OP.' :(
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  4. Bet the flat earther didnt see that coming.

    Side note, that same Pornstar you posted about a few months back?

    Also, how in the fuck can anyone with a grade 8+ education think the world is flat.
    I mean, physics is a fucking thing right?

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    You know it.


    That body don't quit, and she spoils the fuck outta me.

    That's a really fucking nice change.
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    Jesus. Well this is the end of my Interwebs adventures for the day. Logic and science are applicable across the board. Not selectively, based on feelings.

    May Stephen Hawking have mercy on you.
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  7. That's a serious set shes (He?) has on her.
    Wouldnt even noticed shes trans if it wasnt for the oversized hammer lol.

    Excellent surgeon.
    Good on you bro, do your thing.

    Unless your thing is being a flat earther... then fuck you.
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    Definitely developed an appreciation for fake tits. That ass tho.

    Funny as fuck watching dude's heads snap when we're out and about.

    What are your thoughts on a blue cheese moon? Way more up my alley than flat Earth?
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    The government lies so much so that some people can't figure out what is true and what is not.

    We are getting brainwashed for sure, especially by the big corporations.
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  10. I can assume hahaha
    You probably get a serious laugh when guys break they're necks to check her out, not knowing shes packing heat lol

    Blue cheese moon is a lie.

    Its obviously mozzarella
  11. Sure
    I wont argue with you there.
    The media lies to us on a daily basis, trying to mold our perceptions and opinions... to make us good little sheep.

    But the earth is not fucking flat.
    Observable science tells us otherwise
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    I agree!
    Some people are going back in time regarding education, flat earthers and anti vaxxers. I know a Chiropractor whose whole office is anti vax. :eek:
  13. But they're a chiropractor, so that's not all that surprising.

    Interestingly enough, Health Canada physicians found that chiropractors do more harm than good... covered the whole thing up until this year.

    They're faith healers in my opinion.
    Better off with Shiatsu and physio for alignment...

    Not a quick crack, but you'll be better off in the long run
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    The whole anti vax autism link is laughable. Autism signs start to show shortly after the time of the required vacs, right. I bet if they had the vacs at 5yo instead there would be no autism link. Woo, I'm so glad my kid didnt get autism and only got polio! He still has 1 good arm and can count to B.....
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    I had a discussion with them about it. I asked, with a tone, "are you guys vaccinated?"
    "Okay, so are you happy that you are vaccinated?"
    "Okay..... So what is the problem again?"

    *Silence fills the room and Sworder smirks ever so slightly gaining everybody's blazing eyes.*
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    I actually have the smallpox vac. The cauliflower scar on my arm. They stopped doing those too. My wife has 2 of them for some reason. Somebody goofed.
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    Ex was in deep with a Chiro, twice a week. In and out in fifteen minutes at $50 a pop. Second visit of the week they'd put you on a fucking vibe plate to...I dunno. Shake shit back into place?

    She took me to an event once.

    Once. XD

    First the string bean talks about throwing his back out squatting 450 in college. Then proceeded to do a half squat at best. Ex immediately cringed as she watched my eyes light up.

    Up went my hand, as I asked him if that's the depth he was squatting to. He confirmed and immediately heard, 'Red light, no lift." This led to about a five minute back and forth, establishing that he had not been squatting 450lbs, that absolutely fucking mortified her.

    This was later repeated when he began speaking about making permanent corrections via adjustments. I called out a few of his examples and asked him how he was addressing the muscular imbalances causing the problems to achieve lasting results.

    That shit went on for about twenty minutes before he had to 'take a break' and I was asked to leave.

    It was magical. XD

    You wanna get an anti-vaxxer?

    Tell them you'd like to have a conversation about why they'd prefer a dead child over an autistic child.

    There's really no way to frame a response that doesn't make them sound absolutely fucking retarded.
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    Didn't read three pages - Anyone answer opies question?
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    There was no question.
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    People are desperate to be special. In a world of 7 or so billion that's impossible. It seems in especially in the West we will do anything we can to avoid suffering and pain. Without voluntary taking on the pain, like muscle soreness, you can't ever grow. We have become a society of petulant children. Look at me the earth is flat. Look at me I'm a cuck. People seem to be willing to do or believe absolutely ANYTHING to avoid personal responsibility and real work. It's official lady's and gentlemen and whatever you want to be (I identify as a amphibious assault vehicle). We are fucked!
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