Temperature and Hgh in winter

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    Good day. Been awhile since I’ve been on here and since I’ve done any hgh. However considering going back to it and may finally be getting my hands on some legit pharma. However, now that it’s winter here in canada, I’m a bit worried regarding shipping and freezing temperatures. If say a guy got some geno pens, would they freeze? More so the water I guess would and the powder should be fine but then the pen would kinda be useless. Anyone have experience with this?
    That being said, say the pens showed up and all good, before mixing the solution does the powder still need to be keep refrigerated?
    Now one more question, getting some stuff from tp, never tried his stuff dunno if will but it’s for a bud. In the past I’ve done genetics and just did usual 1 ml syringe into vial. Now that being said with say tps they are said to be “overdoesed”. Would one still mix it with 1 ml water? I get tripped up with ius and mg etc. Thanks in advance for any input
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    You don't want to allow the powder OR the diluent to freeze.


    I really never liked that TP's products are advertised as "overdosed", it's created an abundance of confusion. They really just need to be sold as X amount of mg.

    Regardless, TP's meditrope "blacktops" are generally ~15iu. So, I generally fill 1.5 slin pins full of BAC water. It doesn't really matter what barrel size slin you use but if you use a 1ml you can just draw to the 100 and then again to the 50, this makes it so every 10 mark on the barrel is 1iu. If you use a 1/2ml slin you can't draw to the 100 mark... (Because there isn't one)

    Grey tops are 10iu, so 1 slin pin full of BAC or 100 mark.

    Mauve tops are (I THINK) supposed to be 12iu... I've gotten conflicting reports about that one but I'm pretty sure they're 12iu.
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    Thank you for the reply. So does anyone have any tips with winter or is everyone living in a nice warm climate lol
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    Sorry can’t edit my last post but meant to also ask is there any hgh pharma or not that is some what more resistant to heat/cold temperatures or they all the same.
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    I heard greys are better than the blacks these days. I have both from last year and I know the blacks were better then... but word on the street is that the reverse is true now.
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    Word on the street is most likely true... I have greys now that are kicking my ass.

    Better is subjective for a lot of people though I guess... Price point vs purity.
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    Freezing doesn’t Hurt GH if not reconstituted.
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    Are you talking thegreytops?

    Are you
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    I have both. Bought them last December so I can only comment the blacks were better a year ago... I saw some recent testing that showed greys to be more pure and higher concentration as of late but i haven't tried them. I live in a warm climate so i only do shipping in the dead of winter.