temptation and striving for more.... but health should be the main goal in life

It's been over half a decade since I've done any testosterone or anything like that

it has been a rocky road, I had years of no libido and feeling very low, but gradually things got better, then got much better, sexual function became very good, libido got pretty good too, nothing like the craziness of being a teenager and needing to ejaculate every day or else, but the ability to ejaculate twice a day has been possible for me and pretty reliable for me for a long while now

energy levels are good too, feel pretty good, work out often, body looking pretty good except for just a little stubborn bit of spare tire right at the belly

but..... I am still tempted, and even reading these forums I am tempted deep inside. in other threads the topic has been hinted at, the concept of striving to be superman, etc.... health is so important, and I try for that to be topic number one in all concepts
"it has been a rocky road, I had years of no libido and feeling very low" why go down that road again without reason? Seems two heavy of a price.
Dude.... what.... :confused:

Why are you taking Proviron???????

If you want to raise your DHT just go on the transdermals.

I may be making a big mistake and throwing away 6 years of natural recovery....

or I may be embarking on a different path, I have been having an internal struggle for a while now, as you have read my posts and we have conversed, it may have been apparent as I tried to help others but was also internally arguing with myself, fighting with myself...
woke up this morning with strong morning wood, but this doesn't mean anything as I have been having morning wood quite often anyways, but another thing, I felt a little different mentally, not sure I liked it, felt a little bit of annoyance for no reason... anyways that feeling passed and it could have completely been coincidental. no increase in libido desire at all so far, that all seems the same, but felt a little "tighter" like feeling like being in a "flex" most of the day (you know, abs tight and good posture), and a little bit more of a confidence feeling when around girls in public... this could all be psychosomatic, but reporting it anyways.

I had that feeling of energy where I felt like needing to burn it off with chinups or something, which reminds me of being on, again, could be my mind playing tricks on me just knowing that I am on the proviron, but reporting what is going on in my mind psychologically so far

took 50mg yesterday, and another 50mg today...


Yeah it seems you have been struggling internally with your decision to be natural.

It seems like it's got to the point you want to retry TRT which is fine. But to go "rogue" and take Proviron????? seems ill advised. You might screw yourself up by self treating with stuff like Proviron.

I know I am a big advocate for transdermals but have you tried them?

They give you the best libido boost of all the TRT methods and the most consistent feeling (imho) especially with twice daily dosing of 5g in the am, and 5g in the pm.

They also work relatively fast (the libido benefits often happen within 2 weeks, and the full benefits within a month) which is faster than injections i believe. But if you are gonna commit to TRT you have to be in the right headspace and commit to it through a doctor, man.

This dabbling with Proviron doesnt seem like a good idea at all.


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Your better off staying on whats it hurting? Not a thing. Go on TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy. There is no need to struggle 6 years with getting your natural test levels back to normal.
the thing is, after 6 years I finally feel hormonally great. not superman, but a feeling of health and normalness.

I am now in a struggle against the unhealthy desire to be superman
Tyler, I think you are right about cautioning against proviron, it is not a hormone that can be used sustainably on its own, already I am not feeling great on it, I wonder if it is already suppressing my natural test and is not a good replacement for it overall

I've done transdermal test before, it only seemed ok for a short time and then I felt worse after a month or so, this was a decade ago and I just never had luck with it
to Deathdodgers post, I should make it clear that after 6 years I am recovered and feeling very good and healthy with no trt or anything.

starting on proviron or anything is the part of the struggle I am facing in maybe throwing away that 6 years of recovery
thinking about it, I don't think the "feeling" is due to suporession, as my balls actually feel as though they have gotten a little larger, maybe the unique binding properties of proviron has actually given me a short term boost

I feel a little tired though and not in the best mood, not liking that


I understand your struggle but Proviron just doesnt seem like the solution.

It IS suppressive and i dont think supressing your natural testosterone AND not being on TRT is what you want. Infact that is the absolute worst case scenario!!!!

I understand where you are coming from and what I would strongly recommend is trying some natural testosterone boosters. These may give you a nice libido boost and help you in the gym as well. The ones that worked for me (before I embarked on TRT) were:

Icariin - This gives you a very nice "pump" in the gym and also nice libido boost. It's also known as horny goat weed. But you want to get one that is at least 20% icariin content. Icariin will boost your libido, give you good pumps in the gym, and improve your mood bc it is dopamergenic too.

Longjack - This is also good stuff. It's not as good as icariin in my opinion but its something you can try as well. Some supplements might contain both icariin and longjack.

Both of these need to be cycled or they stop working. Usually one month on, one month off.

Doing something like this makes WAY more sense than taking Proviron.

The other alternative is TRT but it doesnt seem like you want to go that route.

Hope this helps
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thanks for the thoughtful post tyler, I am still not sure what route I will take

this vial of cypionate I have is still on my mind

I took 25 mg of proviron this afternoon, and felt really good this evening, but I know proviron is not something that I can use like this for very long before things start to go wrong, so I could stop the proviron now and it wouldn't even be a blip in things, but I do feel like it has dried me out a little in the abs already in the short time I have been on it