Tendonitis and Biceps

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by IncorrectName, Jun 14, 2019.

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    I'm currently on accutane and one possible side effect is tendonitis. It most likely won't go away until I stop taking it. It has made my tendons weak, sometimes they hurt even when I pick the dumbbells off the floor for a chest exercise. The area that hurts is the forearms, and sometimes near the elbow on my left arm.

    My options are limited. Safest way is to work them through back exercises, maybe hammer curls at best. Have you guys been through anything similar? Any tips or thoughts?
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    It may or may not be the accutane. Take a week off. Then make sure you keep your wrists stiff. I get tendinitis during curls and benchpress when I have movement in the wrist. I find wrist wraps make a huge difference. That’s why you don’t notice it as much with hammer curls that don’t rely on the wrists.
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    I get tendinitis bad myself so I don't really do skullcrushers much anymore. Now I get that in my knees which makes it harder to do deads and squats due to the pain.

    Concur wrist wraps help and also a band you place around your upper forearm also helps by holding the tendon in place.
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    Epsom salts help ease the pain too.
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    Sounds like golfers elbow or tennis elbow. Takes for fucking ever to heal. I get it from too many heavy chins.

    Google/YouTube voodoo floss and golfers elbow...helped me at least get thru my workouts.
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    The neoprene arm bands with velcro adjustment used for golf or tennis elbow are an excellent tool to help you keep training while you treat the issue.

    Just tighten them down before your set then loosen them after the set. Makes a world of difference. I keep two in my gym bag and break them out if it starts up.

    Deep massage therapy on the forearm tendons either by a professional or by your self using a roller or a lacrosse ball followed by icing it afterwards will help it heal. Move up and down the tendon not across it for the best results. It will be very painful and you MUST focus on the most painful area and work it hard. Do it every day 2 times a day and it'll heal faster.

    There are a lot of videos on the treatment for the issue. Do some research and get to work.
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    Thanks for the tip and while I don't have a lax ball I have an old cueball which is quite hard.

    Might even try this on my knees to ease the patellar tendinitis.
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    You'll know if you're doing it right because it hurts like a mofo.
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    I'm certain it's the accutane. I was off for more than a week and it still happened. I've used it in the past and had the same experience. I usually could lift more than my tendons could take which resulted in pain, but now I can't even do lower weights.

    More like jointcrushers. Never liked this exercise. I'll check what you said.
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    Actively working forearms has always made a difference for me. DB wrist curls at 4/20, then dropped straight to the side and slow controlled rotation back and forth. Take it as far into both internal and external rotation as you're able. Just make sure you're not letting the weight bully you.

    Stay in full control and move with intent, then stop and reverse the same. If that makes sense.

    Makes your forearms look like spiral hams and loosens everything up at the same time.
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