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    I have had a nagging problem in my left elbow for 6 months. At times it just gives out especially in bench exercises. I wsas icing every evening but a nurse told me I may be making it worse and should try heat.

    Deca seems to help a bit, but does not solve the problem. 3 months of GH did not help but I was only using 2 iu's a day. Its frustrating. I am confused as to what will work to speed the healing process.

  2. Hogg

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    ultrasound treatments for not more than 2-3 weeks followed by a slow and methodical reintroduction to loading.

    Or, structurally, you could have other issues which exacerbate this problem - bone spur, calcium deposit, partial avulsion which has never been allowed to heal, etc.
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    Acually Hogg's list(plus scar tissue) could cause impingement issues,,,Do you have an ART practioner in your area???If there is and he's a good one they can uselly get rid of impingements,,,VDC
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    great advice by the bro's above as well as making sure you don't have any muscle imbalances. Also, what type of occupation do you do? what part of the elbow hurts? If it is truely a tendonitis case i wouldn't dump the ice.
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    I work at a desk. On a computer. It hurts when I put my arms on the desk to type. I just made an adjustment yesterday to get my forearms in the right position (what a sissy).

    A friend of mine takes methylprednisolone for a bulging disc to reduce swelling. I have been on it for a day and was able to get 4 reps @ 345 on the flat bench and 5 reps @ 300 on the incline. Whoowhee. Not a lot of weight, but its the first decent bench workout I have had in over a month. :D

    Does any one know where I can get methylprednisolone? I have been searching but it seems the only online pharmacies that have it are canadian, and they don't ship it to the us.

    I have no idea what class of substance it is, but it doesn't make ya feel any different, just reduces the swellin.
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    what is an ART practioner?

    Now that you mention it. A number of years ago, I was hit by a drunk driver and spun in the wheel well a couple of times before the driver stopped.

    My left elbow was pretty jacked, as well as the rest of me, but they did not expect my arm to grow. Luckily my arm did grow, but it healed kinda funny. Hard to explain, but its just kinda cockeyed.

    I have had to deal with scar tissue issues before, so it sounds like it could be a part of the problem with the elbow.

    Cheers VDC.
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    Hogg,VDC great advice fella's!How have you two been?I too have had nagging elbow tendons for the last couple of years...these new double denim bench shirts throw your bench grove almost over the stomach putting much stress over the elbows.I also tried GH 5IU daily for 6 months with no luck...yes it was good.Ultrasound I did not try and that sounds like a good suggestion.Good luck
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    Ultrasound has many benefits, even benefits that ART cannot provide since ART is just another form of deep tissue massage/trigger point release.

    I'll add to this a bit, if you have bone spurs or calcium deposits causing the discomfort, its probably not somethign that ART will be able to help with.....further, ultrasound (but not therapeutic ultrasound) might be a possibility to explode the calcium deposit. The other method is to go under the knife :D

    Mugzy, long time my friend, its been quite a long time. We should shoot the shit again one of these days. Give me a ring.