TenGrams How To #2: Sweep injections

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by tengtren, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. tengtren

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    When I first started, I literally just stuck the needle right into my leg in the middle portion (which wasn't entirely wrong) but I would get pip from hell and sometimes some swollen ones that scared me.

    So for a long time I didn't go anywhere near my quads with a needle, even preached "don't pin your quads your asking for trouble " While I was just doing it wrong. Now they are one of my favorites! And with Propionate in my sweeps you get a day or two of an even sweepier sweep :) which is a bonus.

    So here is how I have learned to do it with no trouble, and minimal pain (as long as I was steady whilst penetrated) which is hard not to be since you have two hands to work with.

    1 - Kick your leg out like an ab and thigh pose, it will be flexed and this is when you chose your spot, while contracted.

    2 - Run your finger up the outer ridge of your vastus lateralus (there are 3 spots, lower, middle, and upper VastLat) you should be able to gauge how far apart these spots are.

    3 - Now, you should have a clear view of this muscle were injecting. (Google Vastus Lateralus if you need. And please, if your a fatty, just go in your delt and ass.) Put your STERILIZED finger on the highest ridge of your VastLat in the area you want to pin and keep it there as you release the muscle and let it fall to a relaxed position, and lean against a wall or on your other leg. (I do this standing up)

    4 - Ok you found your spot and are in position for penetration. This is the most important part, you want to insert the needle SLOWLY, EXACTLY straight in where your finger was. It will almost look like your angled outwards away from your inner quads, and if you are that's ok. I put .5mls and .75s in all three of these spots with a 27g 5/8ths. REMEMBER, you want to go as straight in as possible and a HAIR outwards if fine. If your going in and it feels off TAKE IT OUT and move outward a little.

    Always practice sterile techniques boys, be safe.

    Until next time
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  2. tengtren

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  3. You could mark the spot with the needle cap before swabbing the area with alcohol too.

    Gives you a little bullseye target that way.
  4. AlwaysHungry

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    What’s wrong with the middle part? Can you make a guide for the middle part too? Seems more easy
  5. TRT

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    Might go back to pinning the quads. I've been doing shoulders mainly but I do glutes also. Need more areas to pin especially all these short ester ones.
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  6. Brolloks

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    I only pin quads. Divide the outer part of your legs into three parts. Generally you can use your hand with your fingers pointing to the back of your leg. The middle portion is good for pinning. Have never hit a nerve there and only occasional gushers.

    The other spot is slightly higher up on top of your leg, about two hands from the knee if you point your fingers towards the other leg, and aligned with the outside of your kneecap.
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  7. tengtren

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    Yes there's a middle part I hit to, I will make a guide for that when I can sit down a write a good one.
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  8. BigNattyDaddy

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    Vastus lateralis works for me. Delts have been less painful IME.
  9. ickyrica

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    Quads are my favorite spot. Easy, no pip, tons of mass to inject into. I literally have my wife throw the needle like a dart, where it hits is where I pin.

    All jokes aside, quads are easy all around. Never found them to be a problem. Once in a great while I'll twitch a little but it doesn't hurt.
  10. TideGear

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    I go fast to break the skin, then i push the needle in very slowly. Ime getting the needle through the skin is the only part that hurts. Except for the pip I sometimes get from short esters.
  11. BigNattyDaddy

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    Slow and steady for me :D
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  12. Btcowboy

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    Only quads for me so far. Left side is painless right side for some reason us a tad more pain not sure why.
  13. Fryguy

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    I love quads. Only thing I would add is pull the skin to the side before putting the needle in to prevent any leaks.
  14. SuperSwede

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    I have to push it in fast, like a dart :)
    Can’t do it slow and watch... uh! make me mental ill
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  15. Sven_Northman

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    How about posting a pic of the VL with the area circled where you inject? I finally built up the courage to inject in my delts and so glad I did. No pain at all. Was so sick of only pinning my glutes.

    I have read so many stories about how much it sucks to pin quads. Not ready to go down that road yet but want to.

    Thanks for the write up.
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  17. tengtren

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    Thanks, I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures and vids
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    The green circle is for links. So I copied the YouTube link and click that "chain/link" button and paste it in there. The blue circle is for pictures.
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  19. barneys

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    Quads are my main and favourite place to pin. It was also the first place I ever pinned since I was wondering how the fuck will I see the right spot to pin glutes. (I pin glutes sometimes now, with no problem)
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    Great thank you
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