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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Rick, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Rick Junior Member

    I wanted to see if anyone had experience running test 300 (mg per cc) vs test 200. I have always run 200 however can get 300 for the same price so more test per $$$ and the 300 lets me take less injections. My research indicates that 300 is a more painful injection... any experience here. Have run four different test e 200 cycles in the past with no injection issues. This is compounded by a real phamacy so pretty clean.
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    KeepinMyGains Junior Member

    It's more painful because of the higher BA. You can elevate the pain by running another sterile oil like Grape seed or cottonseed oil .25 cc per 1CC will do the trick.
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    proline88 Junior Member

    i jsut started well am into week three of my test 400 cycle....suck the pain up haha your first few will kill but after that its no biggy
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    bigbench Member

    T400 hurts MUCH more than Test 300. It will just leave the muscle feeling bruised for the first few injections. Its not bad

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