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    Hi everyone, i have a question and i basically already have my answer but i guess im curious and im wondering what you all recomend. I have recently picked up two 10 ml of syn test 400, each ml contains 200 mg of test propionate and 200 mg of test undecanoate. I am wondering if i can just get by with one injection a week at 1 ml considering alot of people recommend that you take 300 ml a week. The reason im asking is i have taken russian sustanon amps before and when i did i pyramided them at one ml the first week, 2 ml the second and 3 ml the third week then back to 1 the last week and gained 10lbs and and inch of muscle. I know that both the tests in my test 400 have a long half life and need less frequent injections than test cyp. I am wondering if 100-150 ml of these 2 combined tests at their mg levels would be adequate considering the combination is not unlike sustanon but only minus one other testosterone. I know propionate alone needs 2 injections a week just to be on the safe side but with a combined test mixture not too much unlike the sustanon i took ,do you think i would get by on one at 100-150 ml and still get results? Im thinking yes, and if so i can really stretch this cycle out, plus the fact that after im done injecting the test levels still stay elevated in my system for 20 or so days is also a plus that alows me more bang for my buck. Thoughts?
    Btw i was recomended 2 shots a week at 100 ml which could make some sense but ive heard after 1 shot it will last up to 10 days, so is 2 really needed?
    What would you do as a beginner?
    Thanks in advance for your answers
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    For a cycle? You don't sound like you have pct, serms, bloodwork, etc....??
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    First off prop is a very fast Ester not slow, needs eod injections

    Second it doesn't contain 200mg/ml of prop if you're happily pinning away and not crippled

    Third I thought it was a typo but you keep writing 100ml....what are you trying to type?

    Short and sweet answer do 1/3cc 3x a week
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    looks like you're confusing "ml " with "mg". also looks like you're pretty new to this and need to pump the breaks and do some research before you fuck yourself up.
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    Sorry, i meant to write 1ml or 1cc not 100 ml, the bottle says each ml or cc has 200 mg of test prop and 200mg of test und
    Anyways, thanks for the answers. I am new to this and have a very experienced connection guiding me through this i just wanted some other views and opinions.
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    Omg im a fool, sorry all, i am extremely tired and need sleep asap. Many typos in the first post. The test 400 i have is 1ml=200 mg of test enanthate and 200mg of test undecanoate. I have been reading 1cc a week will be ample because they are both apparently long esters. Uggh...
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    Not an ideal mix of you plant to pct.
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    1cc 3 Times a Week should make for some pretty nice Gains;)
  9. eje1990

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    Well in this case I'd pin 1ml Monday and 1ml Thursday. If it were me.
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    For most this would be good, but I think 800 is probably overkill for him. Maybe 1/2cc or 3/4cc?

    I really wanted to see the guy injecting a blend with 200mg prop in it tho and not complaining about pain lol
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    lol I was thinking 200 prop and 200 undec???

    400 ew - .5ml Mon and Fri
    600 ew - 1.5ml Mon and Fri
    800 ew - .7ml Mon Wed Fri (actually 840mg)

    These are the schedules I would choose from
  12. eje1990

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    Yeah you're right. 100%