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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by jbking23, Jan 6, 2004.

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    jbking23 Junior Member

    I just started my test 400 cycle yesterday im taking 1 cc once a week for about six weeks. Im also taking cell tech with the cycle. Will i expect eo see any gains at all with just taking 1 cc a week for five weeks. Also my fucking quads are sore ass hell where i inhected that shit hurts like a bitch but oh well i hope it works.

    thanks Jbking23
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    Haggard Junior Member

    Yeah bro that shit hurts you should cut it with some sterile oil....Or even better with some EQ...Also why only six weeks?? You should go double that and you will love the results so much more
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    crewboss Junior Member

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    jbking23 Junior Member

    no shit it hurts so bad i had to take 2 percocets to kill the pain. The only reason im taking a six week cycle is because im picking up my 10 weel cycle of sustanon in two days so im hoping that will give me good results to. But hey where do i get that oil shit at to dull the pain. peace

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    ThePatriot Junior Member

    Aww the pain of gear. Im glad I only get painless shit now. Umm Mr. T have that stuff I think. Not quite sure. umm in a matter of fact let me get back to you.
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    hardcore210 Junior Member

    Is the T-400 a blend or single ester? If it's a blend (and like most out there), you're going to need to be shooting it EOD to maintain stable blood levels. A good place for sterile oil is vialsandcrimpers.com, but they're not taking orders until after the 15th (I think).

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    bjuicen Junior Member

    It really wont even matter if he shoots eod there is'nt enough prop to really do anything anyways. the ingredients are: 187.5 mg of test cyp, 187.5 mg of test enanthate, and 25 mg of prop. I shot 3cc of that crap in my delt and thought I was going to have to go to the hospital adn tell them to drain me because it hurt so bad, I would never make that mistake again.
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    lee2011 Junior Member

    I just started using test 400 i got no pain at all is that normal and when would you start seeing results.

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    lee2011 Junior Member

    so if anyone had info on it plz let me know thanks:confused:
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    ginomartin Junior Member

    If your shooting T400 and you got no pain, you had better check your product. That shit sent my bro to the hospital, they had to remove a baseball sized sist from his ass after two weeks.
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    lee2011 Junior Member

    really people say its gud stuff but im starting to get a bita pain now but i shoot it into my toy.
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    lee2011 Junior Member

    was ur bro alrite afterwords.
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    lee2011 Junior Member

    really a lot of people say its gud stuff but i inject it into my toy im starting to fell pain now was ur bro alrite afterwords.
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    KBD Member

    T400 only hurts if ur a pussy ;).

    Take it for 8 weeks minimum. Your killing the point of taking that ester when it just starts to kick in.
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    Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    You probably should cut way back on the celltech.
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    klbsa Member

    I had t400 last year and hit 3 cc's at one point with barely any soreness...... It hurts if you jack it without heating it, massaging your site etc......

    I was heating it to the point where the actual oil temp hurt more than anything. Then I would massage the injection site for a good 5 mins. Do that and you will be fine.

    Oh yeah.... and only shoot that shit in your cheeks bro.
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    klbsa Member

    Your toy? WTF does that mean..... Sounds horribly gay.
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    ginomartin Junior Member

    Yes he was o.k. afterwards, took him a few weeks before he could get back to the gym.
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    cagymdude Junior Member

    I just started a test 400 cycle as well. I plan to inject 1CC/week. Should I pyramid my doses, or is 1CC/week fine?

    And yeah, my first dose hurt the next day. Nothing unbearable, but I definitely feel this shit.
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    ripped_rude Junior Member

    t400 should be taken 8-10 weeks IMO. eod is perfect for it.. ughhh i member the pain, as i injected it everywhere literally.. i member after the calf injection i had to walk with a cane for 2 weeks.

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