Test and Deca for cutting up

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by ciskogonza, Aug 25, 2006.

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    ciskogonza Junior Member

    I'm looking to drop about 30 LBS without losing too much of my hard earned muscle. I have some test and DECA. can I used the two while dieting to help keep me from losing muscle weight. I'm not Looking to try and gain any muscle while dieting I just want to keep my muscle from wasting. is it possible.
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    Beefy Junior Member

    Absolutely. The prob would be water retension from the test/deca. You can lose fat by maintaining a calorie deficit. Towards the end of the cycle you might want to drop the deca and add something like masteron to shed water.

    By the way, back in the 60's and 70's bodybuilders did a lot with simple AAS like test and deca. The key was, and is, training and diet.
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    tonyhobs Junior Member

    How did you come up with 30 lbs? If you are not preparing for a contest, just about any AAS can be used, you need to concentrate on diet, not drugs. Up the protein, lower the carbs. Do cardio. Bodybuilding is not rocket science my friend.
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    unt0ld Junior Member

    Yeah man 30lbs of Bodyfat is alot of body fat.....
    Good workouts
    Ephedra Caffine DNP stack along with AAS and low calorie intake.

    You will lose BF
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    ciskogonza Junior Member

    thanks, thats great info im 30lbs overweigh cuz I dont eat clean. but thats gonna change here real soon. thanks again.
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    dac Junior Member

    im a newbie to forum but have been training for over 10 years naturally up until now..if you have not been dieting at all and just eating what you want when you want..i would suggest slowly change your diet to eating clean...then cut the starchy carbs completely out.. and increase your cardio...once you have hit a wall cutting fat naturally then start with some stuff to help you out and really get to where you want...again im not stepping on anyones toes so take the advice that works for you best...but IMO if you get to where you can go naturally and then get a little boost i think you will see better results that will stick with you ..rather than just jumping into a strict diet/training and cardio with gear right away..

    good luck any way you choose to go

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    Deacon Member

    absolutely correct - back in the 80's deca was the only cutter guys used with their test - small doses - but diet was key
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    forbodybuilders MESO-Rx Sponsor

    good diet can cut fats but 30lbs is a lot+deca and testo...why not take testo + wisntrol or testo +tren?

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    mr.nitro Member

    deca would not be my choice for a cutter because it will make you look fat with water retention. the water goes away after your cycle, but I want to look good while on cycle too.

    also keep in mind, if your looking to cut, you need to diet. while doing this. you probly wont gain any muscle, rather you will maintain what you have.
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    Beefy Junior Member

    mr. nitro is right about deca bloat. I wouldn't really prescribe a test/deca cycle for cutting. I was just saying that cutting/bulking is 90% training and diet. The juice will be the icing on the cake, so to speak.

    After reading about your stats, I have to suggest that you stay away from juice altogether until you've leaned out to around 10-12% bodyfat. Gear is a risk. It can cause you health probs and/or legal probs. You won't see the gains you make if you're carrying that much body fat. Do yourself a favor and diet down for a good 6-9 months. Then rethink cycling. I used to be fat, too. You can do anything if you're consistant and disciplined. Good luck bro.

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