Test cycle with mast and/or var?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Storm, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Storm

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    planning on running a test cycle. I have mast to run with it but also Anavar. Can I run var for 6 weeks and finish with mast for 6? Haven't seen any threads about running both with test.

    On a separate note does anyone have any experience with injectable Dianabol with test?
  2. Test_Subject

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    Just run the mast the whole time and finish with the var IMO. Mast is pretty mild as far as side effects go.
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  3. ironwill1951

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    mast is pretty mild but it is by far the worst on my hair loss,
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  4. master.on

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    Leave Var for the ladies = too weak
    Why not mast + Test during the whole cycle?

    Unless you're an advanced BBer using MASSIVE Dianabol dosages for long periods, worried about liver health
    injectable Dbol is too much of a hassle
    besides sterile brewing it, you'll have to inject every single day, preferably 2 or 3 times a day
    and it STILL damages the liver, although to a lesser degree than oral Dbol.
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  5. Big Boss

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    u need to run mast at least 12 weeks ..... finish with var for 6 weeks
    Not only can you use it oral, but I think anyone injecting 17AA drugs is hurting themselves for not a whole lot of added benefit...... Drugs like winny and dbol come injectable for animals not humans also The half life of injectable (either in oil or water) is longer than the tab, so the tab's will need to be spread out through the day. I'd run the inj
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  6. Munky

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    I would run all 3 right off the bat , good Anavar you will definitely feel more strength not much size thou
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  7. J DUGIN

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    ^this. 6 weeks on orals vs 12 weeks. Your liver will thank you.

    What dosages you got in mind?
  8. Xlgx

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    Would there be a reason to add proviron to a test and mast cycle?
  9. kosta jeezy

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    Prop, mast, tren, Anavar is my favorite summer cycle. Ran this with EP gear last year before I went on a vacation and had great results.

    Some days I went right from work to the gym before going home and didn't get to add var in to the day before the work out, and I could tell it was missing.
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  10. dutchez7

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    Running all 3 would work, but I think it best to add the var at the end. Using all three together means more competition for the androgen receptor, offering less effect per milligram than taking the var at the end with the test. I always loved var at the end to really chisel. "leave it for the ladies" is absurd. At 60-100mg doses, it has an awesome effect on physique and strength.
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  11. dutchez7

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    More so than Halo?