Test cyp and Dbol 1st cycle progress!

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  1. Blake111

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    1st cycle
    Been a very fun time
    Ran test cyp 500 12 weeks and Dbol 25 4 weeks
    I’m in week 11 and loving my new body
    Started at 206 big was high 20%

    Now I’m 186lbs. 14% bf
    Start was only lifting 275 and now at 365 chest my goal was too recomp or cut down bf
    And to get to 315 plus on bench I can’t take all credit I’ve met some awesome guys since that keep me strong and on track but I must say diet is EVERYTHING. Once you get the diet down it becomes routine and easy to eat the same thing every day.

    Feel free to roast and give constructive criticism but I’ve have no sides and nothingbut lean gains! And the sex drive of a god!!!

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  2. Blake111

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    What do you think my body fat is in my most recent pic
  3. 6FootFatty

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    Can definitely see the fat loss man. Mind stating your calories and macros? I’m guessing you were on a deficit all cycle long?
  4. Blake111

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    Kinda not really though I maintained a regular calorie base so that I would do more recompemped as I’m sitting at 188 pounds