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    Hi guys, Hoping to get feedback on the bloods I have attached below. This is my second cycle and I'm still learning how to interrupt the bloods and make necessary adjustments. Kinda worried about the cholesterol so I appreciate all feedback.

    First pic is bloods drawn 1 week before starting test/dbol cycle (first pic reflects results of TRT at 3 months, dosed at 90mg 2x week, and 50 iu hcg 2x week). Wanted to include this as a baseline.

    Remaining three pics are bloods drawn after 4 weeks of being on 500mg test cyp (inj 250mg 2x week) and dbol 40mg daily (continued HCG as well). These bloods were drawn 72 hours after injection and before taking dbol that day (fasting for bloods).

    AI was .5 mg anastrozole taken eod starting week 2, and then every 3.5 days weeks 3-4.

    Dbol was done after week 4, and cycle continues as 500mg test cyp weekly, HCG 100iu weekly and switched to exemestane 12.5mg eod (started today). Currently wrapping up week 5 and have gained 11lbs so far

    4 week bloods reflect daily cycle support of 2400mg NAC, 6 grams fish oil, grapeseed, policosanol, milk thistle, saw palmetto, dhea, etc etc

    I have continued the NAC and fish oil at these doses, and added liv52 into the mix.

    I will draw bloods again in about 6-8 weeks (That would be 10-12 weeks on cycle), but what do you think of the total test and estrogen levels - Do these numbers reflect properly dosed gear?

    pre cycle.PNG cycle 4 wks pg 1.PNG cycle 4 wks pg 2.PNG cycle 4 wks pg 3.PNG
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    Looks good to me. I pull a 2,500 on 500mg but test 48 hours after pinning. Not sure how much a difference 24 hours can make.

    Dbol will wreck your lipids. Should return to normal a couple months after the end of the cycle, so get it tested again later. Niacin will help pull up your hdl along with cardio.
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    Awesome, thanks Jack!
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    I'd throw some Tuduca in there to help with the lipids. Estro is a bit high but the ratio is good. It will probably come back to normal range after discontinuation of dbol. Total test looks good for 500 mg. Are you really taking 100 iu of hcg or is that syringe units? 100 iu isnt going to help much, you should be using 500iu maybe even 750iu split into 250 iu 2x-3x weekly depending on how your balls feel.
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    Good catch on this one, I had put syringe units.. Not sure how to edit the original post, but actual hcg is being dosed at 500iu 2x week.
    Appreciate you letting me know about the tuduca. Dbol sides were manageable, but I really wasn't that impressed with it. Honestly, the biggest challenge i'm dealing with right now is loss of libido and erections - Hoping it's just estrogen related
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