Test Cyp Equivalent in Var Tabs?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Equinob, May 16, 2019.

  1. Equinob

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    I started a Test Cyp cycle last week, and found out this week I will have to leave the country for a week in the middle of it. Since I won't really be able to take my gear, I was thinking about just doing Var tabs through the week so my blood levels don't change too much during the week.

    If I'm doing 600mg of Cyp/week is there a way to calculate the equivalent in VAR to approximate the effects of the Cyp? Normally I'd do 25mg Var 2x/day when I stop my Cyp pins, up until I'm ready to start pct. But in this case, should it be more?
  2. Mac11wildcat

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    Cyp is long enough, don’t worry. Just start again when you get back.
  3. bob357sig

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    ^^^ this, plus var is a dht not test based. If you were looking for blood levels of test to stay even then something like Andriol/ or Testo caps would suit you better. Just pin the cyp the day you leave, should be good for at least 10 days.
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  4. Test_Subject

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    How is taking var going to stop the level of testosterone in your blood from changing?

    Am I missing something?

    People take cyp once every two weeks for TRT. Just pin the day before or the morning that you fly out. You're way, way overthinking this.
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  5. Couchlockd1

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    I'd take a bit more cyp than usual, take your 600mg the day you leave and resume when you get back
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    oxandrolone is not Test. @Mac11wildcat is correct your blessed that atleast the Ester of Test you are playing with can accomidate your situation. In the future if you think you might experience more of this traveling sustanon would be a good option.
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  7. Equinob

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    Thanks for the feedback. That makes sense of course. The free test will dip during the week, and I'll have to climb back up to sustained levels, but upping the pin before I leave should compensate for that. Yup, guess I was overthinking it as someone mentioned above.

    Is there any advantage at all then to stacking Var during that week?
  8. mp46

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    Pin a weeks worth of cyp the day you leave, then when you get back a week later continue on like nothing happened.
  9. Cyp and Anvar aren't interchangeable. Anavar is a DHT derived steroid that will supress your natural testosterone production.

    No natural Testosterone + no exogenous Testosterone + Anavar = no, just no.
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  10. Piromanu87

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    Due to Anavar short life is it a good idea to take it 3 weeks from last pin untill 3 days before start of pct?
  11. LeoTC

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    I wouldn't, but I run hcg the last two weeks on and first two off before PC.

    Why keep yourself shut down? I mean, you could ride the half life of the Cyp but it seems counter productive.
  12. Piromanu87

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    Since you are shut down from test and Anavar has a short life, maybe you can make some more progress until pct. Maybe I am looking wrong at things
  13. LeoTC

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    You could, it would be better to get your balls back on the road to working though to optimize PC.

    Just sayin'
  14. Equinob

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    Right, but the Test cycle is going to shut down the natural test production regardless, which is why we're waiting two weeks to start pct in order for it to have any effect at all. The Var is not going to change that, and with its shorter half-life, theoretically possible to continue making gains while waiting to start the PCT.

    I've always read that you should stop HCG at least a week before PCT starts as it might interfere with it. I think the point is to make as many gains while you're shut down as possible. The Var shouldn't result in being shut down any longer than necessary, and HCG doesn't necessarily aid in recovery since it too is artificially stimulating the production of test.

    I recall a previous cycle when I had been running HCG the entire cycle, and stopped HCG a week before PCT -- my balls shrank right up as if I'd never been on HCG at all. And it took weeks before they retuned to full volume.
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  15. LeoTC

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    I generally go three weeks before starting post, I like my long esthers. That's why I run hcg two weeks prior to and post last pin.

    Works for me, running through the whole cycle less so.
  16. Right, if you want to use it as a bridge, per se, prior to PCT, i don't see why you couldn't.

    What i got from the OP was that you're in the middle of a cycle and wanted to replace Test with Anavar, which would essentially have you running an oral cycle. However...

    Just looked again. It's only for a week. Not sure why i thought it was longer? In which case, just dose your Test right before you leave and again when you return. Adding Anavar in for that week probably won't hinder, but it probably won't help either.

    You're also in the first couple weeks here, (man, i apologize. i really must have skimmed the OP) i wouldn't even sweat it. Save the Anavar and just dose the Test as mentioned above.
  17. Equinob

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    Correct. That's excellent advice ... I was clearly overthinking it.

    That said, there are Anavar/Test stacks that people run -- from what I've read they're used in part to cut fat. I'm now wondering if adding Var to my stack will have any benefits to just running the Test alone?
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  18. It would definitely help with strength. You should get a little more out of a cut with the inclusion of Anavar.

    If this is your first cycle, we typically advise Test only to play it safe, as Test is very well tolerated and can do great things on it's own.

    But if you feel comfortable throwing it in there, give it a shot. Worst case scenario, you dislike it and drop it. The short half-life will have it cleared out pretty fast.
  19. Equinob

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  20. johntt44

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    I went to Europe in Jan for 10days. I just pinned 1.5× my trt dosage on the day I left. I was fine.I even had meds in my luggage and was never asked about them. Flew into Germany. I did get pulled aside everytime I went through the metal detector though. I've got about 20 pins, plates, and rods in my lower body.