Test Cyp how long till kicks in?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by akiravp82, Dec 24, 2010.

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    akiravp82 Member

    inecting 60mg twice a week, just did my first injection yesterday night still dont feel any different? does it usually take time to kick in or does one feel the benefits right away?
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    JEBrown2 Junior Member

    Usually a couple days but everyone is different.
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    CowboyFromHel Junior Member

    That's a low dose it will probably take a few weeks till you see any results.
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    PointBlank Junior Member

    Even at 60mg you should feel some results within 3 days (energy, libido, mental attitude), though of course a visual change will take a lot longer at that dose.
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    akiravp82 Member

    its actually weird ive only done one injection so far, and the next day i felt great from 9am-1pm then after that i felt as if the test got consumed quickly? i crashed and it sucked, how long after an injection does blood levels peak?
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    gdevine Junior Member

    I've been on Test Cyp at first 4 weeks @ 80mg weekly then we moved it up to 120mg weekl on week 5. I also take 1000mg hcg weekly as well. I just finished week 5 and the libidio finally kicked in! Doc said it usually takes a couple of months for most guys before they feel the total affects...but said some can go shorter and some yet longer. We're different but without a doubt the libidio is back:)

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