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    Hello MESO members. I should have posted all of this when I first started my journey from obese to fit but better late than never.
    I am 34 years old and had some serious depression issues, then within the last year started having some major thyroid problems and didn’t know it until I hit 325 pounds and finally decided to get up off my ass, drop the self pity and do something about it. It took my doctor about 3 months to get my thyroid under control and all I did those first three months was started a low carb diet. Then when he got my synterpoid up to 175 mcg a day he also put me on 100mg of test cyp per week.
    When he started the test I that was enough to make me head strong on starting to exercise. I started working out 5-6 days a week, doing at least 30 minutes of cardio per day and after two weeks of 100 mg of cyp I jumped up to 400 mg of cyp per week, doing 200 bi weekly. I got about 3 months in at that and taking in 4500 calories per day and 350-400 mg of protein a day and the fat was melting away and the muscle was piling on quick! 3 months in I went from 325 to 265 and then a buddy of mine talked me into adding 100 mg of tren a every other day because he said it would melt the fat and build the muscle even faster and in the last 3 weeks I can honestly say I am amazed. I only have pics of me a month in, until now. I don’t have any pics of me of day one at 325 but here is what I do have. What do you all think? The way it all posted, the last pic is a month in and the others are just a week or two ago. Now I am about 4 weeks into 600 test cyp per week and 100 mg of tren every other day.

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  2. Good progress. Not even look the same, even your neck got leaner.

    Keep up the good work and before you know it people won't even recognize you. Lower your fat and raise your complex carbs up. You can get to 220 in less than 4 month if your estrogen it's controlled.

    I would lower your test to 100mg/week if you can't get a hold of aromasin. The estrogen conversion from 400mgs is stalling your progress
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    Focus on the diet and ramping up the intensity of those workouts at a steady pace. I'm sure you know by now, but big compound movements that activate tons of muscle and turn you into a calorie furnace. My favorite is a moderately heavy clean and press.

    I will agree that dialing in estrogen can help make fat loss a little easier.
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    How are all your health markers? Cholesterol, blood pressure etc? You've done an awesome job so far but tren at your body fat is a bit risky, I'm not positive if you know the havoc it can cause for your body internally.
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    I am not sure about my cholesterol. My blood pressure has ran a little high but nothing crazy. Is there a way for me to know how my estrogen levels are doing without labs? What do I ask for when gettingmy doc to order labs. I got a cool doc. The biggest negative effect I have had from the tren is night sweats. I had extremely low testosterone at the start of all of this, down in the single digits. Now it’s like 1600. I don’t know much about the estrogen conversion but my friend told me as long as I was on cycle I shouldn’t have to worry. That’s why I am here tho to get all the help and info I can. I stay so busy with work and the gym I have very little time to do a lot of searching so I appreciate everyone’s time more than you can imagine.
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    Thank you all for the compliments too btw
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    The tren is going to make your E2 reading look crazy.

    I mention the cholesterol because tren typically wrecks it. Shoots down your HDL and shoots up your LDL. Which is not safe. Coupled with high blood pressure you could be looking at a heart attack. Not trying to scare you, just want you to be smart.

    Other guys will chime in, but in my opinion I would drop the tren and just use test. A great addition to lean out would be continue the testosterone and add 2iu of gh 60mins before some fasted cardio
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    I got Lipitor 40 mg and another cholesterol medicine. Think if I threw them in the mix I would be ok?
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    The only way to know is blood work. I think if there's already cholesterol issues, tren is very risky. I mean it's ultimately your choice, but at the very least get blood work to check. Full panel is only $59 on direct labs this month
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    A fat guy with abs.

    I guess your tren is legit