Test cypionate benefits from injection change

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    Hey guys,

    Would just like to share something I found out works a lot better for me, I'm not exactly sure why, I'm assuming more stable blood levels and less of a rollercoaster on the Cypionate half life upon injection... anyways, I was injecting test cypionate every week at 300mg each shot, either Monday and Friday or Monday and Thursday. When you think about this method, the injection frequency is not as equal.. you have in the beginning another injection 2 or 3 days after your first injection, and then find yourself waiting 4 or 5 days for another. Doing it like this gave me more sides than I wanted and felt things weren't as stable. I switched to pinning every third day. Because of this, all my injections are equal, thus giving more stable blood levels, better test levels, and less sides in my opinion. I feel fantastic doing it this way. And it is still two injections per week pretty much. Just thought I would share because this took a lot of unwanted sides away for me. Thanks.
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    Also, water is wet and dogs piss on trees.

    Yes, regular injections result in more stable levels than irregular ones.
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    Lmao, but then why does everyone on here still do Monday and Thursday or Monday and Friday? Everyone I see on here does the same thing although it makes more sense E3D. That's really the only reason I posted. So maybe that info would get to the right person. I know it's common sense but to some it's just not....
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    I do it once a week period with cyp...makes zero difference for me....I'm also very in tune with my body ... alot read shit and then starting thinking ...
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    When I'm cruising I pin cyp once a week. When I'm blasting I usually mix long ester test with say either npp or another short ester compound so I pin my test 2-3x a week with the short ester compound. If I was running test e I'd pin 2x a week as the half life is roughly 5 days so once a week obviously wouldn't be the best route.
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    Thanks for sharing brother... one day I will blast and cruise, but I'm getting married and we want kids... otherwise I'd cruise on test now, because when I come off my natty levels just aren't that impressive.
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    I was jus trying using it as an example of when I pin cyp 1x a week vs 2-3x a week. Blood levels overall would be more stable pinning it 2x a week but as far as how much more stable I'm not sure. If you don't want to pin more than once a week then try it out and see how it work for you. If you feel like your level a may be varying too much or get blood work to prove it one way or another then switch it up.
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    Last tren ace cycle, I included Test e with my EOD shot totaling 350 a week of each. Best cycle I've had yet
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    Makes sense, BUT I like the surge of a new injection after four days.