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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by mannyfresh, Jul 14, 2006.

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    mannyfresh Junior Member

    I just got ahold of some test cypionate and winstrol. This is my first time ever taking steroids so I have a few quick questions. First, here is the cycle...

    Week 1-500mg test
    Week 2-500mg test
    Week 3-250mg test
    Week 4-250mg test
    Week 5-250mg test
    Week 6-250mg test
    Week 7-250mg test, 300mg winny
    Week 8-250mg test, 300mg winny
    Week 9-300mg winny
    Week 10-300mg winny
    Week 11-300mg winny
    Week 12-300mg winny

    Does that seem like a good idea? Also, for the test should I take 500mg at once or take 2 250mg shots each week?

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    MANWHORE Member

    250mg every Mon and Thurs or every Tues and Friday sounds better .. so that's 500mg/week Test and i guess the last 6 weeks Winny at 50mg/day .. If that's all you have that is
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    novicebb Member

    Not trying to be funny but why would start off a cycle with 500mg of testosterone Enanthate then reduce it to 250mg even if for a couple of weeks. By 5th week all the 500mg of Test that you started off with will be little more than halved and then the 250mg of test for weeks 4-6 will pretty much just be replacing your endogenous testosterone.

    Then with 300mg winny at what I assume is 50mg per dose, then your body is going to be a pin cushion and then with the test as well damn?
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    mannyfresh Junior Member

    What would you suggest I do with the test? I have enough for 10 250mg shots. 500mg for 5 weeks? I just did my first one ever and it wasn't that bad at all!!!
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    Conciliator Member

    Looks like a frontload to me.
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    Conciliator Member

    Wait to get some more test before doing a cycle.
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    Big_paul Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    250mg ew is a bare minimium. I feel its too low even for your first cycle. 500mg ew and you will make some nice gains. Looks to me though bro that you don't have enough gear for your cycle. your spreading it out too thin. If you want to stack the winnie with the test then you can cut down on the test some and go to winnie only the last several weeks. you will get better results if you invest a little more cash into this cycle. have enough for at least 6weeks test at 500mg ew. then stack the winnie and test for a couple weeks and winnie only for a couple more.
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    shyheim1 Junior Member

    You want to do 500 mg 1-10/12 wks of test. It needs to be run for ATLEAST 8 weeks even tho i would say 10/12 is a lot better. Keep in mind that test takes 4+ weeks to even kick in. And 250mg is really LOW and its a waste of a cycle pretty much. Either get enough for 10/12 weeks of 500mg a week or dont cycle yet.
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    PreMier Junior Member

    Winny is a shit steroid and does more harm than good. Get more test and do the cycle right.....sell the winny or trade if for more test.
    8 weeks at least, 250mg 2x a week or 250mg every 5 days if you want a bit lower of a dose.
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    Deacon Member

    I totally agree - shit can the winnie and get enough test to run 10 weeks at 500 mgs per week

    ramping test is just plain old school thinking and does nothing but mess with blood levels
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    MANWHORE Member

    Have not been around the street sceen in many years am now finding out how much Winny is still used out there .. I always recommend Var for substitute or Mast/tren for stronger cycles .. Deacon, i think he was frontloading 1st 2 weeks. I was looking at that myself but would probably hit it at 1g/week for the 1st 2 weeks if frontloading .. I found that since i've been on for a while now, every time i add something new it seems to kick in very fast .. Would usually take a good 3 or so weeks for a test to kick in when starting fresh but now seems like little over a week even when not frontloading, i feel it ... The more AAS is used, the better your body responds to it .. something like that i heard many moons ago ..

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