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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by streetdaddy, Oct 19, 2006.

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    streetdaddy Junior Member

    Here are some before and after pics from my cycle this summer. I did test 400mg/week for 10 weeks and deca 300mg for 8 weeks. I put on 20lbs And have lost 8 since the end{2 mos ago} Lets see some other before and afters!!
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    streetdaddy Junior Member

    Here's flexed....
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    Beefy Junior Member

    Nice arm/shoulder development. Also, it looks like you don't neglect legs as much as most. It's hard to tell without a leg pic, though. You might consider adding deadlifts to your routine. They'll beef up your hamstrings and back, which are your weaker points.

    All in all, good job bro.
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    litterbox Junior Member

    Nice gains bro!!!

    I agree that your lower back can be a lot thicker.

    Did you do a before / after BF test?
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    terrorizer2 Junior Member

    your doing well bro.Maybe a little more work on the hamstrings and calves to balance it more would be a good improvement.Keep up the good work.
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    Moe-mentum Junior Member

    Oh man, your tan is WAY off....j/k
    Nice work.
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    streetdaddy Junior Member

    Hey Guys,
    Actually i took melanotan II. You can see how white i was in the before pic. I never could get as dark as i was in the after pics without it. It's a miracle drug for us white boys. Muscle still looks like fat when it's white!!!! Go to melanotan.org for more info.
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    themadman09 Junior Member

    where is the pics?

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