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    misterbigg Junior Member

    I put together my own cycle with information from various sources, including ideas from "The Anabolic Gameplan" e-book. What do you think?

    Day 1
    250mg deca durabolin (glute)
    75mg Test Propionate (glute)
    350mg Test Cypionate (glute)
    50mg Test Propionate (delt)
    75mg Test Enanthate (delt)

    Day 2-49
    Test Propionate 75mg (delt) every day

    Day 5-41
    Deca Durabolin 250mg (glute) every 4 days (i.e. 5,9,13,...)

    Day 1-4
    dianabol 35mg

    Day 5-8
    Dianabol 30mg

    Day 9-12
    Dianabol 20mg

    Day 13-16
    Dianabol 10mg

    Last Test Propionate injection is Day 49

    The weird blend in day 1 is to get the test level even. I have tried to minimize the size of the delt injections. According to my spreadsheet steroid level totals range between 116mg and 137mg during the work portion of the cycle, with the largest difference in days at 21mg.

    At 2 weeks after the last injection, steroid levels are down to 10%.(12mg total)

    I haven't done pct for it yet, any ideas?
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    dennis Member

    Have you ever cycled before
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    green_giant Junior Member

    if you have never cycled before thats kind of over board. instead of takeing every kind of test like you have planned i would just get some sustonon and take at 500mg/wk that is if you are a beginner
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    misterbigg Junior Member

    Yes. Ten years ago I did a primobolan/anavar/ECA cycle to lose weight. It was largely successful although I came out losing some muscle. I didn't eat enough protein and I foolishly cut too much healthy fat out of my diet.

    About five years ago I did a sustanon/deca/dbol cycle. Diet was good but I realize now I didn't exercise nearly enough (I did not take advantage of the greatly increased recovery times). Unfortunately due to external issues I was unable to sustain the workouts post cycle.

    I've resolved the issues I faced previously and I have been training now for over 2 years. I am confident that the third time will be the proverbial charm. Stats are 35 years old, 6'4", 220 pounds and 8% body fat.

    Based on my experience with the last cycle, it seems my body is extremely tolerant of anabolics, I didn't get any side effects whatsoever except for the changes in aggression and standard changes in libido / testicular atrophy. Post cycle, once the water weight came off the gains stayed for quite a long time even in the absence of proper continued exercise.

    According to the "roid calc" (The Roid) this results in wildly fluctuating levels throughout the week. In Week 6 of your plan, you would start out at 124mg after your injection and end the week at 31mg. Note that under this plan, blood levels will be over 100mg for less than 1 out of every 4 days.

    Higher and more even levels could probably be obtained with smaller, more frequent injections but ultimately it seems that it is hard to get consistently even blood levels over time when using Sustanon.

    Can you be more specific? Which part is overboard? Do you just not like the fact that there are multiple esters mixed in? Perhaps I wasn't clear, those multiple esters and dosages are used on the first day only. I came up with these numbers using my own spreadsheet incorporating the half-lives of the substances, and taking into account the injection location.

    According to my calculations, these are the levels of testosterone:

    Day 1, 69mg
    Day 2, 68mg
    Day 3, 67mg
    Day 4, 67mg
    Day 5, 68mg
    Day 6, 68mg
    Day 7, 69mg
    Day 8, 69mg
    Day 9, 69mg
    Day 10, 69mg
    Day 11, 70mg
    Day 12, 70mg
    Day 13, 70mg
    Day 14, 70mg
    Day 15, 70mg
    Day 49, 66mg (last injection)
    Day 50, 55mg
    Day 51, 47mg

    Test levels range from 66mg to 70mg and are quite stable throughout the cycle up to the last injection.

    When the deca and d-bol are taken into account, these are the total levels of steroids per day:

    Day 1, 91mg
    Day 2, 123mg
    Day 3, 121mg
    Day 4, 119mg
    Day 5, 135mg
    Day 6, 132mg
    Day 7, 129mg
    Day 8, 127mg
    Day 9, 137mg
    Day 10, 133mg
    Day 11, 129mg
    Day 12, 125mg
    Day 13, 134mg
    Day 14, 129mg
    Day 15, 124mg
    Day 41, 134mg (last deca injection)
    Day 42, 127mg
    Day 43, 122mg
    Day 44, 116mg
    Day 45, 116mg
    Day 46, 111mg
    Day 47, 107mg
    Day 48, 103mg
    Day 49, 96mg (last injection)
    Day 50, 83mg
    Day 51, 72mg

    During the work part of the cycle the min/max of steroid levels is 116mg and 137mg, for a maximum difference of 21mg (16%) with an average of 127mg. Is this not desirable? Half of the total is coming from testosterone, while the deca is stopped a week ahead of the test in order to let it clear since it has a long half life.

    I can email the spreadsheet on request (or is there a way to provide attachments on the board?)

    So on to productive questions and answers...I have not done site injections before what is a daily prop going to feel like? Is that a realistic dosing schedule? I tried to keep the cc down (75mg is the max injection into someplace other than the glute)
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    green_giant Junior Member

    i ment the front loading the first week that is over 1000mg of test for someone who hasnt taken it
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    misterbigg Junior Member

    I've done sustanon but only in glutes. Propionate is new for me, as are site injections.

    Yeah its 1,000mg but according to the half lives the amount of circulating test should not be more than 70mg throughout.
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    green_giant Junior Member

    If you have done test before your fine i personally dont belive in front loading but to each their own. my preferance for bulking is a long ester test like enethate, cypionate or sustonon. I use prop for cuting thats just a personal preferance. I just didnt see you mention test when you said what you have done in an earlier post. Also if your trying to bulk i usually use 400/mg deca and 30mg/ dbol weeks 1-4. I know prop helps with water retention but the deca and dbol are gonna make you hold water aswell. I am not blasting you for it or anything its just most of my bros and myself dont use just prop for a bulking cycle. sometimes i have used it in the begining of a bulker for a little jump start but thats about it as far as bulking goes. anyone else wanna chime in here with an opinion I am curious myself how many of people on here have done simular cycles
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    misterbigg Junior Member

    I see your point about the water gains. The reason I ask is because one of the ebooks I got touted propionate site injections as the most effective mass builder. The same ebook also claimed that having relatively constant blood levels throughout the cycle was desirable, and taking prop ED gives the most consistent levels.

    I'm no expert though thats why I am asking.

    Let me also add that I have done a doctor prescribed test/HGH therapy cycle for 3 months although in retrospect the test dose was way too low to do anything other than produce sides.
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    green_giant Junior Member

    sight injecting gear is one of those things that everyone feels differnt about. if you ask 10 people youl probly get 19 different answers som swear by it some thinks it make no differance. I personall think there is no benefit to site injecting with gear. I do however believe that site injecting with hgh is helpful. Since you have done gear before i amsure you will be fine i just perfer a long ester test when bulking it works better for me but everyones bod is different. different people respond better to different things. some people get more sides than others. some gear works better for some than it does for others the only thing i can tell you is give it a run and find out yourself. also i hope you have put togeather a pct plan to go with your cycle
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    dennis Member

    Sorry bro , but you have waaayy too much time on your hands ! [:eek:)]
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    Mr Wiggly

    Mr Wiggly Junior Member

    Your gonna want to rotate your sites and compounds. You keep proping your self in the delt and your not gonna be able to wack off, and thats unacceptable. lol...[:eek:)]

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