Test, Deca, Dbol, Mast Cycle

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  1. VasodiL8

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    Weeks 1-4 Dbol @ 30 mg
    Weeks 1-12 Test E @ 500 mg
    Weeks 1-10 Deca @ 300 mg
    Weeks 11-14 Mast P @ 100 mg EOD
    Weeks 13-14 Test P @ 100 mg EOD

    Starting this cycle tomorrow. Looking to put on mass and make some solid gains. Stats 25yo, 6'2 and weighed 224lbs this morn; i am also a natural ectomorph body type. Cant wait to train tmro after work will be pinning my test and deca an starting dbols. Going to log this cycle from start to end. Thanks lads.

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  2. You are seriously overweight. Looking way too thick already. You are going to look retarded big. The first thing I would do is exchange dbol and deca for tren.
    Exchange dbol for Anavar, lower your test and keep your deca. That will make you look more aesthetically pleasing, solid, cut and your abs will pop out.
  3. VasodiL8

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    Let me be the first to tell you that im definately not overweight for my height. I dont believe the bodyfat measurement to be entirely accurate but not far off, the only reason i posted pic of readings is so you could see my height and weight. I dont know what u mean when you say 'retarded big' but the main objective for this cycle is to bulk
  4. Eman45

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    If your looking to bulk I would drop the mast n test prop. Run dbol 4-6 weeks. Deca 12-14 weeks at 400-600mg/wk. n test e 500-700mg/wk. 14-16 weeks.
    Look some like
    Dbol 20–40mg wk 1-5
    Test e 500-600mg wk 1-14
    Deca 400mg. Wk 1-12 or 13

    Simple good solid stack for bulking. Eat a lot n you will grow like a weed
  5. Eman

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    Ignore him, he's a troll.

    Good luck on your cycle.
  6. VasodiL8

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    Thanks, iv seen some of his posts on here, lets just leave it at i wouldnt take his advice on where to put a table.
  7. VasodiL8

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    Appreciate the input brother considering leaving mast for another cycle just wanted to experience effects of a dht really, will leave for cycle where i will be leaning out . Going to up deca an test to your recommended dose at some point.
  8. Eman45

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    Yea it’s up to you if you want the mast or not. I’m running 750 mg of deca n 950mg test just started drol two weeks ago. Tell u the truth I’m pretty fkn lean didn’t bloat much at all didn’t grow like I norm do tho cuz I feel my cals arnt as high. I’m eating 6 meals plus two shakes. But where I’m getting to is diet is key for goal. I would personally hold on to the mast an add to it ran mast p at 600 mg a week and was really happy with it.
  9. MaskedLiberty

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    I would leave the mast, I have seen nice strength gains running it vs not. No reason not to run it in my opinion. Looks solid in my opinion and so do you...no homo
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    Thanks bud going to play it by ear with the mast and see how i feel when its time to start test prop ill decide if i want to throw it in or save it for future cycle. Going to do weekly updates pinned on mon night no pip feel fuller from dbols already just feel the heartburn coming on like a bitch haha second pin tmro
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    Shut the fuck up you cunt!!
    Your brain is severely underweight.
    Meaning completely fucking empty!!
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    My past week of training and eating has been solid. Two pins in and into my second week now. Pinning sites are quads and delts. Effects from Dianabol in first week are subtle @ 30mg. Going to see how i am at the end of this week and maybe knock it up to 40mg for remaining two weeks. However, i am feeling very pumped in the gym and have been making use of intersifying techniques like drop sets, super sets, negatives and rest, pause while never locking out on most of my exercises. My split i done last week was-
    Mon- back, rear delts
    Tue- delts, traps, tris
    Wed- rest
    Thu- chest, bis, rear delts
    Fri- legs
    Sat- back, traps, rear delts
    Sun- arms
  13. ironwill1951

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    you look great and I don't believe you body fat is that high more like 12-13
  14. Wunderpus

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    Stupid cunt.
  15. VasodiL8

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    Thanks @ironwill1951 means a lot hoping to really get wer i want to be this year. I dont compete or anyting but aspire to be at that level one day with a physique i can be proud of.
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    Had 40mg dbol yday(20mg pre workout) and blew up training back. Instense pumps in the gym midway through second week and i am now experiencing the feel good benefits of dbol. Feeling very strong and confident and my frame is more full. Appetite is up, as well as aggression and drive, face feels hotter and more flushed when im training. Feel like it is having a stimulant type effect on me have felt no need to have a pre workout since iv started them and i train late. Starting my day at 04.45 and train at 19.00 after work. Wish i could crack on with deadlifts and really push myself but carrying an injury on right hand from weekend so im struggling for grip hoping it disappears after this week.
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    Quick progress pic. Will get some better pics this week havnt got round to it yet want to get some before esters really kick in. Pic taken on last day of week 2. Have also gained 8.5lbs hopped on scales first day of week 3.

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  18. VasodiL8

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    WEEK 4

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    You have good shape bro, your taller than most of us shorter guys, so getting that 3D look takes a bit longer than us but i believe once you add more mass and diet down you can have that POP and especially at 6’2 it will look impressive. Good luck to you brother! looking good
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  20. Dr JIM

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    Overweight NOT morbidly obesity yep, bc at 5’2” 245 lbs your BMI is a whopping 45%!

    The OPs rebuttals are not surprising since those who are OBESE often discount BMI as a reliable indicator of TBW/LBM

    Being an “ectomoph” only improves the accuracy of BMI.

    And BMI derived mortality and morbidity tables don’t lie fella you’re headed for some serious health issues if you don’t correct the problem, a horrible diet and minimal exercise.

    Cease the short cut pursuits bc AAS will only worsen your obesity!

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