Test Deca Tren Winny cycle?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Mighty_Bluff, Dec 29, 2008.

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    Mighty_Bluff Junior Member

    Looking for some advise on my planned next cycle. Stats are 5'9", 200lbs, 13-15% bf. I'm trying to cut down to 185-190 before starting this cycle... This is what i currently have in my closet... and the only things available to me for this cycle.

    Test Cyp - 2500mg
    Deca - 2500mg
    tren A - More than enough...
    Winny - 1000mg
    clen/t3/clomid/hcg/nolvadex/arimidex - More than enough...

    I've done a handful of cycles and was thinking of doing a moderate bulking cycle for the first half, and then switching towards a cutting cycle for the last half to harden up the gains... something like...
    Test Cyp - 250mg weeks 1-8, then 125mg weeks 9-12
    Deca - 250mg weeks 1-8, then 125mg weeks 9-12
    Tren A - 150mg weeks 7-12
    Winny - 25mg ed weeks 7-12
    HCG run throughout the cycle at 500iu/wk... plus nolva 20mg ed OR Arimidex .5mg ed...

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    bigbench Member

    Can you get any more than you have? If not, you could do something like this
    Test cyp Weeks 1-12 200mgs wk
    Deca Weeks 1-8 300mgs wk
    tren A (not sure how much you have, but I would run at 75-100mgs ed for weeks 8-13
    Winny 50mgs day, weeks 11-13
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    dennis Member

    I would not bulk then cut on same cycle bro.....drop the deca on this one run tren/test/winstrol...
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    Mighty_Bluff Junior Member

    Thanks Guys,

    Dennis... just curious, what's the reasoning for not doing a bulk/cut in the same cycle? I've seen a lot of cycles that incorporate this method...

    Regarding getting more gear... yes, i can probably get my hands on more... but I figured I could put together a pretty good cycle with what I already have sitting in the closet, and not have to spend more money... and, I've got enough tren A to feed a small village....
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    bigbench Member

    What dennis was getting at, (I hope anyway, lol) was that you will get more out of your cycle if you chose to do just cut OR bulk and not both. That way you can put 100% into each aspect as you have to go about them completely oppisite ways. Also, most can do it correctly unless they know what they are doing 100%.

    IMO, you should def get more gear. More test, deca, and winny for your bulker, then later on you can do a test, tren, winny while cutting. You will be much happier doing that
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    Mr. Shoulders

    Mr. Shoulders Junior Member

    You don't run deca and tren together due to progesterone issues...Pick one or the other
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    Mighty_Bluff Junior Member

    Thanks Guys...
    Yea, i recently read up on the Progesterone issues as well... So I won't be combining the 2. Here's what I'm thinking for this cycle now... I still want to Bulk a little first and cut in the latter half. Keep in mind that I'm not looking for massive changes here... Just want to drop 2-4% BF and maybe gain 8-10 lbs of muscle.

    Weeks 1-12: Test Cyp at 200mg... then Week 13 - 100mg
    Weeks 1-8: Deca at 300mg... then Week 9 - 100mg
    Week 9: tren A at 40mg eod... then Weeks 10-14 at 80-100mg eod.
    Weeks 9-14: Winny at 25mg ed.

    Weeks 2-14: hcg at 500-750iu
    nolva or arimidex run throughout the cycle as well...

    This way I'll be able to use my entire supply of Deca/Test/Winny and still do a decent Bulk then Cut cycle without the progesterone issues of mixing Deca and Tren... What do you guys think?

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