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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Pxpxp, May 21, 2020.

  1. Pxpxp

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    I have some Anavar and testosterone that I would like to get tested. Is there any domestic labs that test steroids? And if so, how much do they usually run?
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    Your gunna wanna check on Janos service idk if he's domestic, you also have lab4tox there not domestic there in I believe Poland or Switzerland.You can find all there info on the forum just gotta read and look around there info will be in the testing section.... I also believe u have weights and measurements idk exactly what there services are u would have to email them and see.... I believe jano is the cheapest at 80-90$ a sample lab4tox is around 120 a sample and idk what w.m cost is