Test E 250mg/week - 3230 ng/dL

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  1. fofo

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    Posted these bloods on SST and was asked by the source to post here too

    Reached out to source after bloods as I normally get a multiplier of 9-11x, was told they overdose everything by 10% to account for impurities. I guess this should be mentioned on the source page so people can adjust dosages accordingly especially those who are cruising

    Could someone tell me what's going on with my blood count results & lipids?

  2. Gbro

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    You need to donate blood to get the hematocrit down. Estro is a little high, as can happen with that test level.

    As far as it being overdosed for impurities... That just means the ugl is shit. Send a sample off for testing. That way you'll know how much you're actually taking.
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  3. fofo

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    donated blood about 7 weeks ago, have to wait another 5 weeks before i can go and donate again.

    only got a few ml of test left but i think it might be worth sending a sample if i order from the source again.
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  4. Hank81

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    When finished the last blast? Are you taking any iron supplement? I got the highest hematocrit in my life (63%) while taking 50mg of iron a day a cruising with only a trt dose (150 mg, i've 2,7% free test).
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  5. mental_health03

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    Most importantly your lipids are way off. Number one cause for heart attacks and heart failure. Get those under control long term will add years to your life
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  6. Hank81

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    Yep lipids out of control are a ticket to premature death due to early CAD.
    I keep the lipids in check always no matter the cost: Red Rest Rice standardized to 10mg of monacolin K is the same as drug Lovastatin, Krill oil NKO does actually work on all llipids (including HDL) unlike regular fish oil, and Cardarine excells preventing HDL catabolism in the liver. There's no need to use them at once, it dependes on your cycle and if you're doing orals, but RYR al least is a must.
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  7. tauras66

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    What is RYR you refer to at end of your post. I'm very interested in following a protocol for lipids.....thank you
  8. FlyGuy3232

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    Red Yeast Rice
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  9. Hank81

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    Statins are the first choice drug to control cholesterol. This type of drug were discovered in Red Yeast Rice and it was called Monacolin K . Then a lab synthetised it and sold under Lovastatin name. So 10 mg of Monacolin K = 10 mg of Lovastatin.
    If you get it purchase a reputable brand and make sure it comes with some CoQ10 added (if you are not taking it separately) as both drugs competes each other.

    You will see that you LDL will drop drastically even doing harsh orals.
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  10. jbil75

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    Do you have a specific brand in mind? I’m ready to buy some now, I just want to make sure it’s good.
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  11. jJjburton

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    Do you have to remain on these like you would statins?
  12. Hank81

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    No, you can quit progressively after pct.
    If you are crusing i would take it e2d or e3d, depending on your bloodwork test.
  13. Hank81

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    I'm in EU, let me check amazon US and iHerb to see if i can suggest one w/o breaking the bank.
  14. Schibetta

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    How much did this test cost you?
  15. fofo

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    think it was £70 through optimale in uk.