Test E 300 and Deca 300 blend/Sort of

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    I brewed both Test E and Deca separately.
    Both in MCT oil, using 1%BA and 5%BB.
    Both at 300mg/ml with 0.4% overdose.

    All filtered in their own vials.
    If I take a new sterile sealed vial
    Put 5ml of Test E 300 and 5ml of Deca 300...
    Vent and heat vial to around 160F, remove vent and shake vial for a couple of minutes...

    Theoretically 1ml would have 150mg Test E and 150mg Deca.
    And a 2ml injection would be 300mg Test E and 300mg Deca.
    The ratio is basically 1:1

    I already did a test with 1ml of each, and it seems to have worked.
    However, would it be accurate if I drew, lets say 1ml, I would have 150mg of each?

    It seems all blends would come down to the purity of each compound. So they may be off a little in some instances.
    I was using 1:1 as an example for explanation.

    Left to right: Deca 300, Blend, Test E 300

    I told my daughter to math up a 2:1 ratio. This is what she gave me. I added some other math as well.
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    Updated: there was an error of 0.5ml = 150ml, should say 150mg lol.
    Which means 0.5ml has 150mg of total compounds. 50mg of one, 100mg of the other(dotted line values)
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    Added 3ml more of each to vial.
    Heated in olive oil bath(because I am not a fan of water baths). Heat was removed once reached 190F. Slowly began to cool throughout the process.
    Let sit a couple minutes, swirl for a minute, sit for a couple minutes. Remove vent, shake vigorously for a minute, put vent back in, set back in bath. About 10 minutes.
    20180521_101557-800x600.jpg 20180521_101102-800x600.jpg 20180521_100640-800x600.jpg 20180521_103105-800x600.jpg

    Did it work, is it accurate? I don't know and will never be able to tell. I don't see why it wouldn't have.
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    Ended up venting and heating at 250F for 20min. After discussion with a lab team manager... about weights, ratios, molecular binding and other stuff.

    Left to right: Test E, Blend, Deca
  5. I stopped reading after the first post but yes your math was right before the complex algorithm came into play.
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    Actually you think you only read the first post, but after you did, you entered the Matrix. You then absorbed the information instantly. That is how you know complex alienotic algorithms are at play here.