Test E Anadrol & Tren A 14 weeks

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    14 week cycle
    1-14 Test E - 750 mg / week
    4-8 Anadrol 50mg/day
    4-12 tren A 300mg/week

    Just wondering where, when and what I should use along side this, as well as after for pct?

    I've done Tren A in 3 different cycles and never had much in the way of side effects, but I want everything on hand. Also I am a little older from the last time I was on cycle 5 years ago.
    Any changes you guys would make? Different compounds?
    I'd like to get this started in the next couple weeks, I have all my compounds on hand , just need to order whatever I should run along side this as well as my PCT.
  2. Read more.
    Buy a blood pressure monitor.
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    What do you mean?
    Where am I going wrong?
    Can't really read into a specific cycle can I?
  4. Need more stats, age, cycling exp etc...

    Start researching anchilliaries and how to keep you're E2 in check, how to run a proper pct and more importantly why. Although your dosages are moderate, tren and drol are both heavy hitters and the syngery between the compounds can come with some nasty amd potentially very dangerous sides if not managed.

    Best suggestion put the cycle off a couple months and hang around more. Welcome
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    I've done the test and tren cycle 3 times already. Done test alone 3 times.
    Basically all that's new is the Anadrol.
    Just wanted some opinions and some advice on pct.
    I'll start reading up on your suggestions. Very much appreciated.
    I recently joined rx muscle. They talk about the test,tren, adrol cycle like it's the mother of all bulking cycles.
    Thanks again
  6. I don’t necessarily believe it’s the “mother of all bulking cycles”. Each compound reacts differently with each individual. Personally I can’t bulk with tren, but strength is retarded and I get dickskin lean from it. Anadrol yeah sure I can throw 25lbs on with ease but in a “bulk” I really don’t see the point of going completely outta control. I do agree to just read more. Not saying you are or aren’t experienced or what you have or haven’t done point is your going to do whatever you want anyways.

    I think your dosing is fairly well. For pct I would use hcg, followed by clomid and nolvadex. I know myself on tren I need to be very mindful of my e2 tren fucks with it crazy and always get signs of gyno starting. So aromasin would be good to have on hand and even some letro ole JUST IN CASE. I wouldn’t fuck with the letro unless an emergency. Some prefer adex over aromasin. I mean they both work.

    Using test enanthate I would wait a solid 3 weeks to start pct. bloodwork would be optimal to help determine this. But following last shot I would start HCG. Upon finishing HCG I would wait a full week to start nolvadex and clomid. If signs of gyno are prevalent wait until that’s under control to use HCG as it has the potential to make it worse.
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  8. Gains will be dictated by your diet and training, but personally I prefer long 16 week winter cycles with heavy test and EQ/NPP to throw weight on....I like having the time to ramp up my calories and dosages. I ran the tren/drol with great success in a strength program with heavy low rep compound exercises. I notice a lot of strongman run it together and it didn't disappoint. Off the top I think it was something like:

    Test P 100mg ED. Wk 1-10
    Tren A 60/70mg ED wk 2-10
    Adrol 50mg ED wk 6-10
    adex .5mg Sun/Wed
    Standard nolva/clomid PCT

    Headaches, red flushed face, constantly keeping a close eye on BP. By the end I was poppin nosebleeds pretty regularly...I may have pushed the drol higher too though I'd have to check my notes.
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    I have everything mentioned on hand just incase. clomid, nolva, Prami, aromasin, hcg, reading hourly, every chance I get.
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    Your winter cycle sounds awesome. I think I am going to sit down and design something for Jan Feb and March to keep warm.
    Appreciate the help guys.
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    Instead of a 14 week cycle run a 12 week cycle.

    Frontload your test since it’s long Ester. 1.5 Gram for the first week or 750MG a shot (since your goal is 750mg weekly) so the tren and Anadrol doesn’t make you feel suppressed. Run the Tren throughout the whole cycle. Run the anadrol at the beginning four weeks of the cycle. That way you got 11 good weeks of gear in your blood not 8-9 like your current cycle. And you get to pct earlier AKA recover earlier AKA start your next cycle sooner. It’s a win win buddy.

    With your current cycle you’re going to be off the Tren short Ester for 4 weeks minimum before you even PCT. That’s not effective juicing in my opinion.
  12. Do you know what it is exactly that tren does to your e2. I get really bad e2 related sides on tren but whenI upped my ai i crashed... Do you require more AI on tren?
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  13. Personally I do, yes. I run deca fine no problems. Same with moderate test. As soon as tren comes into play it’s a matter of time before I have to up my AI
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