Test E, Deca, Var cycle

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  1. This will be my 2nd cycle. First cycle was test e 600mg/wk for 15 weeks. Went smooth, no issues with any kind of sides outside of needing an AI to control water.

    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 180
    BF: 11%
    Age: 31

    Week 1-20 Test E 600mg/wk
    Week 1-12 Deca 400mg/wk
    Week 16-20 Var 40mg/day (optional)

    Week 2-22 adex 0.5mg E4D
    Week 2-22 hcg 500 iu/wk

    Cruising after cycle ends at 125mg/wk (my natural test is on the low end as is. Did the whole pct thing after my first cycle but honestly TRT was gonna be necessary in the near future anyway).

    Plan is to run the test and Deca cycle up to 16 week mark and see where my bf is at and see if it’s worth it to do the Var.

    I compete, so will only be doing the Var portion of the cycle if I like where I’m at and plan to step on stage.

    Main goal is to add size (and hoping I can stay as lean as possible in the process for competition purposes)

    If it looks like no stage, will start the cruising after 16 weeks and try to lean out before doing a shorter blast at the end of the year with just test e and Var to step on stage at that point instead.

    Diet currently:
    P: 270
    C: 360
    F: 80

    This will adjust as cycle begins/progresses.

    Any comments or suggestions welcome.
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    Results? Sides?
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