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TEST E, dianabol & Winstrol cycle?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Musicman, May 30, 2016.

  1. Musicman

    Musicman Junior Member

    Hey guys I'm

    178 lbs
    5 foot 9

    I want To do a Test E, Dianabol (oral) and Winstrol liquid cycle .
    Looking to build up and try and keep water retention down a bit (if possible)
    I also have t3 oral so with that in mind can somebody please suggest a good cycle for me with these products please?
    how many ml for test and winny and how many mg ED, eod? For others ..

    Thanks guys
  2. Dublin man

    Dublin man Member

    How long have you been lifting and what's your goals
  3. Musicman

    Musicman Junior Member

    Lifting about 10 years .

    Looking to gain some muscle build up although try and and look a bit lean if I can .
  4. Dublin man

    Dublin man Member

    Nice man, what you thinking of doing for pct
  5. Musicman

    Musicman Junior Member

    I have a ROHM Tabs which consists of

    20mg nolvadex
    50MG clomid
    25mg Proviron
    PT141 Sex Hormone/ testosterone Booster


  6. Musicman

    Musicman Junior Member

    4 a day for a month
  7. Dublin man

    Dublin man Member

    Cool have you your gear good to go? Good luck on your cycle
  8. Musicman

    Musicman Junior Member

    Yeah man all here just need the cycle info
    How many ml, or mg for Dianabol or t3.

    Just want to know what to take and when.thanks
  9. Dublin man

    Dublin man Member

    How much test E you planing on taking bro and what size needle are you using to pin
  10. Musicman

    Musicman Junior Member

    Got the 1 bottle atm think it's 10ml?
    Also needle is about 2,3 in

    Sorry not near them at the moment
  11. Dublin man

    Dublin man Member

    Good luck on your cycle bro keep us posted
  12. Musicman

    Musicman Junior Member

    Can u suggest a cycle please ? Your opinion on what I've got to work with
  13. Dublin man

    Dublin man Member

    Since its your first cycle is suggest plain and simple bro, 500mg test with with AIs in hand split into two injections, 18g needle to draw and 25g to pin. Then if your running test for let's say 12 weeks 8 weeks in add little Anavar or winstroll 40mgs a day (10mg) tabs make your you have a good source if your getting anavar cause it's 50/50 cause it's bunk haha
  14. Milk Man

    Milk Man Member

    Yesterday you only had t3 and winstrol, now you have dbol and test? Sounds like bologna to me. Have you ever cycled before? How many mg/ml is your test? What is your dbol dosed at, tablets or capsules? Also your syringes are 2 to 3 inches?! Yikes.. What are you gonna pin with those, a horse ?

    One bottle of test wont be enough for a typical cycle.
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  15. Johndoe

    Johndoe Member

    Just be careful with the dbol and mate as it's pretty much going to bloat the shit out of you so keep that at a small ish dose if your going to run with winny. (Plus one bottle of test is no were near enough for a good cycle) :)
  16. Dublin man

    Dublin man Member

    3 inches would hurt like fuck haha
  17. Musicman

    Musicman Junior Member


    Test e is injecting
    Winstrol is also injecting so ml

    t3 and Dianabol oral so mg

    Can you explain in clueless terms for me sorry? What is Al?

    Sorry again
  18. Musicman

    Musicman Junior Member

    Ok will have to get more test . Managed to get test which is what was suggested

    My Dbol is tablets and cycled sustanon before and Anavar in past
  19. Dublin man

    Dublin man Member


    Aromatase is the enzyme that synthesizes estrogen. As breast and ovarian cancers require estrogen to grow, AIs are taken to either block the production of estrogen or block the action of estrogen on recept
  20. Dublin man

    Dublin man Member

    And are you getting bloods before and after cycle??