Test E - EQ - Anadrol - SDrol

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  1. anabolicfre4k

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    • Test E
      • 500mg/w
      • Week 1-15
    • Eq
      • 850mg/w
      • Week 1-15
    • Anadrol
      • 100mg/d
      • Week 1-5
    • SDrol
      • 37.5mg/d (25mg/tab that's why this stupid dosage otherwise I usually run 30mg/d)
      • Week 10-14
    I am going to run 2 new compounds - EQ and Adrol.

    Currently at week 4. I am running adrol for the first time in my life and I am seriously disappointed. From experiences of others I expected really strong and toxic shit but this substance is of no use for me. I got a bit stronger, I sweat a lot, I feel and look a bit filler but that's about it. No substantial gains so far whatsoever. I think adrol is good for people that are prone to hold a lot of water. I have never been a water bucket that's why maybe I feel it doesn't work. No surprise people are losing the most theof "gains" because the "gains" is mostly water.

    On the other hand with SDrol I am putting on 1-2 pounds of dry mass each week that I am capable to keep after cycle.

    Not sure what to expect from the EQ though.
  2. anabolicfre4k

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    5'10", 225lbs, a bit more BF% than the avatar
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    I feel the exact same way about Anadrol. It never did anything for me. People think I’m crazy when I say superdrol is way stronger than anadrol, but.. it is. I greatly prefer Dianabol. Adrol doesn’t even come close imo.
  4. Monstar

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    Drol is very individual. Some bloat some absolutely do not bloat. Additionally some guys get good effect from 50 and even 25mg. Other guys need 150 in some rare cases. MG for MG you need more drol than a lot of other drugs. Drol and tren are the most individual dependent drugs I've used.

    That said it's no where near as toxic as bro science boys make it out to be. I'm not sure why you'd be disappointed in that but I think therapeutic doses in studies are 150mg and above in some cases.

    For what it's worth, I respond really well to drol and don't hold water or lose gains at all. Far better than dbol for me. In the above I'm also making an assumption your source is solid but your experience isn't out of the question at all.
  5. Mac11wildcat

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    This cycle, if youre eating and training your ass off every day, should be good for 10-12 lbs of solid muscle easy and the EQ should keep you hungry enough to do so. Remember to keep upping cals throughout the cycle.

    Anadrol by itself isn’t crazy which is why I save it for backloaded in the cycle when the rest is kicking or tren is there. It’s amazing with tren IMO.

    Sdrol dose seems heavy to me but if you’ve used it before without issue at 30 or above go for it.
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    A few guys I know recommend Adrol at the end of a cycle rather than at front end. I was impressed with their results and will run it that way going forward too.
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  7. Test_Subject

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    Looks good except for the superdrol dose. 99% chance that you're going to feel like hot garbage.

    I've tried it at 40mg and it just wasn't worth it. Just take 25mg -- that's honestly plenty.
  8. Hacksaw Jim

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    I very much suspect your Anadrol to be extremely underdosed. You really should be getting phenomenal gains off 100mg a day. And that is by itself with a test base or without a test base. At this point,, you are 4 weeks into your cycle. Stop using the defective anadrol and continue with the test E and EQ. The test E should be kicking in now. Continue your cycle as planned. On another cycle down the road,, try anadrol again,, but consider it as a first cycle using anadrol,, considering your current cycle of anadrol is inert,, and go with a different lab. On a future cycle, start off with 50mg of anadrol a day. If you feel your gains are not adequate,, then up it to 75mg a day. You should not need to go more then 75mg a day to see real gains,, and that is permitting your anadrol is real. 100mg a day is maximum you ever need to go,, but will normally be unnecessary Also,, on the next cycle,, try anadrol by itself with a test base,, or use it as a kickstart for a more progressive cycle
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  10. anabolicfre4k

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    The source is international supplier, manufacturing it's own brand as well and also is a source for competitive bbers, some pros. I did a bloodworm once to see how good it's test is and it was solid. Really can't see why would the source knowingly ruin the brand. Maybe adrol raws weren't good this batch or what but j think it's hard to control.

    I usually run 30mg with no uncomfortable sides except lower back pump. Tried 40mg for couple days but went down to 30, not because of sides but I felt I do not need that much.

    Sorry sir, wish I shared your experiences :)
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  11. anabolicfre4k

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    Some of you mentioned running Anadrol later in the cycle. Maybe I will give it a chance next time and try it for backloading
  12. Backloading is the way to go.

    Ad for what @Monstar said about Drol being individual.... he couldnt be more correct.

    Years ago, a buddy and I ran Prop and Drol..
    We were the same size, same approximate Bf% etc.
    I Put on water weight/ size like it was going out of style.
    He got some great strength gains, but only minor water retention and size.
    Different strokes for different folks.
    I'm assuming you dont get crazy side effects no matter which cycle you run?
  13. anabolicfre4k

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    Ok I guess I will backload it next time with lowered expectations

    Yes if I can not judge whether compound works because I am not having any noticeable sides or substance specific ones. I generally feel good whatever I shovel down the throat or pin in the ass No gyno, no blood pressure, no acne, no hairloss... I am actually anxiety prone and I feel better while on cycle than off. On the other hand, just a half dose of preworkou/fat burner and I am panicking like crazy, the living hell.
  14. I hear that, shit like preworkouts and clen... it messes me up too bad.

    I'll stick to fasted GH and diet off cycle. Might try some frag one day.

    As for the sides.. as long as the bloods check out.m I would consider you lucky lol
  15. anabolicfre4k

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    I am primarily hypogonadal though...on TRT. That's the dark side of my AAS abuse...or getting kicked in the balls during MMA trainings? Guess I will never find out the truth
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  16. I just got bloods last week.
    Down to around 300 for test (fully recovered, off cycle)
    Wont be long before I'm on TRT as well.
    Not a good number for being in my thirties lol
    My doc wants to wait and see if I drop below 240 or something.
    Wint be long.
  17. anabolicfre4k

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    I am still in my 20's... Started TRT while in 290-310 range. Morning wood gone, libido gone, anxiety on rise. Not sure how do you feel but pay close attention
  18. anabolicfre4k

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    Is there anything to expect from the EQ or I am just pinning some extra oil to grease tendons? How long to wait before assessing whether it works for me or not?
  19. So you had those issues when you started TRT?

    I have those problems with my low test right now.

    But I feel great while on cycle (as long as my aromasin is dialed in)
  20. Delt123

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    So does it mean that you attribute nothing to the EQ and adrol? That everything you've gotten has been from the testosterone?