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    I had 30g Test E raw powder from Landmarkchem.
    First 15g went into 40ml, no problem, had a good 3 months on that vial.
    Six-nine months later I brew again, same everything, but changed the oil, not GFO, but something else organic wife had in the kitchen.

    Two pins, both legs swollen, fever, not good. I was disappointed, thinking I have to throw away the vial.
    Ah, after the first bad pip I heated the vial in pan, cleaned, no help.

    Three months forward, I put the vial in the microwave, heated up good over a minute.
    Color changed a little bit more brownish.

    First pin less than a ml, no swelling. Second pin three days later.
    1.5ml felt immediately good, first pin of a cycle rush in blood.

    In 12 days oily forehead, pumping in calves while riding bike. Test kicked in, confirmed.

    I just wanted to share the experience.
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    Nice first post.. lol
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    Something from the kitchen, but doesn't name that something. Maybe it was Franks Red Hot?
    Really bro.
    That would be user error. Nothing to do with the supplier.
    First brew was good because you used a known good oil.
    Second brew is suspect.
    Convince me this is a true story. Pics or it never happened bro.
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    Pics as requested

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    My point being is that I had a three months wait time and the heat up in the microwave that seems like those made the issues with pip go away.

    Maybe my filtering or handling the gear wasn't clean enough at the first place.
    I remember I read a lot about how to sterilize already made oil, and I just wanted to share my experience. Take it or leave it.
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