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    Hi, this is my first post here, I hope you
    guys will be able to help me, but you need to know the whole story, I'll try to keep it as short as possible :)

    I'm 39 yo, have been lifting since I was 14, except a short dbol cycle when I was 19 I trained natty all my life, too scared of steroids :) Probably due to a low genetic potential I've never achieved any impressive results, especially my chest has always been weak, could never bench more than 225lb. At 6'0 most of the time I weighed around 200lb, probably around 18% bf.

    Then a few years ago I finally started counting calories and realized that I've been always eating far too much, permabulking. I went on a cut and dropped my weight to 165lb, 8% bf. This calorie restriction, mixed with a stressful job, made my naturally low testosterone levels drop even further and I was diagnosed with hypogonagism, put on TRT. I got Tostran gel from my doctor, 6 doses a day, which gives around 40mg testosterone weekly. Not much, but at the beginning it worked great, suddenly all my lifts went up 10%, never was that strong before. After a while I lost some of this strength again, probably my own testosterone production was shut down.

    I decided to add something to my TRT on my own, first I opted for Anavar, 40mg ED for 6 weeks, I experienced some strange pumps in my calves but nothing else, don't know if it was legit Anavar. A few months passed and I tried Tbol this time, 50mg ED for 6 weeks. I got slightly stronger and put on 5-6 pounds, but it was far below expectations, lost all these gains after the cycle anyway.

    During all this time my doctor didn't want to change my dosage of Tostran, in my country the only other option is Nebido, he didn't want to put me on it. My checkups were very rare, every few months.

    So lately I decided it was time to become friends with the syringe, I started a 10 weeks test e cycle at 500mg a week, 250mg on Mondays and 250mg on Thursdays. I have pharm grade testosterone and pharm grade aromasin, I take 12,5mg EOD. Now 10 weeks have passed and.... nothing happened !!! No muscle or strength gains whatsoever!! I've put on around 8 pounds but I can see in the mirror it's mostly if not only fat. It seems my metabolic rate is increased because I eat 4200kcal a day, over 1000 above my regular maintenance and I've only gained 8 pounds in 10 weeks, but it doesn't translate into muscle gains. I did some blood work after 7 weeks and the results were quite good, hematocrit a little high but everything else in range. Total testosterone 2100, not terrific but high enough to expect good gains, SHBG 28 so the free testosterone values were also really good. Estradiol showed at 50, a little high but nothing dramatic that could hinder gains.
    So what the hell is going on !? My diet is really good, plenty of high quality proteins, carbs and fats. I train really hard but don't overtrain, get a lot of rest. Maybe I just don't respond well to AAS and should try higher dosages, but in this case why did the very low dose of Tostran work so well at the beginning of my TRT? What do you guys think, any advice? I don't have extreme expectations but my dream is to get to 210lb at 10%bf, right now it's 195lb at probably 15%bf, I look worse than before the cycle...
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    Just curious but how do you know the Test E is pharm grade?
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    What is your exact diet? Like each meal with weight/measurement of food
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    My thoughts exactly! Legit pharm test at 500mg/wk = gains
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    Way too much aromasin and your T is probably bunk. Of course, it's all just a big guessing game without blood work.
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    Of course I can't be 100% sure the gear is legit, but I bought it from a trusted reseller, the brand name is Galenika, it comes in boxes of 5 1ml ampoules, everything nicely labeled and packaged , it would take a lot of effort to fake this kind of stuff, would anyone bother ?
    And even if it was under dosed or something , I've posted my blood work, at 2100ng/dl total testosterone I should expect at least some gains, shouldn't I?

    Concerning my diet, I don't think it could be the problem here, I ate more or less the same when I started my TRT protocol 2 years ago, and at the time I really felt this magic kick-in , when suddenly you feel like a beast at the gym, have more strength, endurance. No such thing happened on my current test E cycle :(
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  8. Gbro

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    If you're eating the same as you did before, how do you expect to get bigger then you were before?
  9. Marcus

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    There is so much wrong with this post... you need to just start with the basics again @smok4

    I mean nutrition and training mechanics. There is something very much missing here on your end or that you’re leaving out of the story.

    Get bloodwork too :)
  10. Evom1

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    This tells me it's the problem. Post your exact diet
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  11. Well holy shit. Look who chimed in. Welcome back!

    Okay, back on topic. Yeah, your shit sounds bunk. Unless you're taking gear and not working out, you should have seen some changes by now.
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  12. Apexvallen

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    It can't be bunk, his test is at 2100.
  13. Yeah, i skimmed it. Thank you for pointing that out.

    Threads like this are a pain the ass. When people claim they see "no results" it's so subjective.

    i wonder how many users that don't see results are expecting a little Test to turn them into show ready mass monsters?

    OP. If the Test is legit and you aren't expecting too much, you're doing something wrong. Plain and simple. Time to reevaluate your diet and training.
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    How is your libido smok4 , and state of mind, you should feel better on test maybe your one isolated rare case that doesn't respond well try test prop if that doesn't work something is screwed
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    Enough said.
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    MSG hit the nail on the head^

    I’ll bet if he switched up his reps and his workout routines he’d see some change.
    I know when I change things up even a little bit I’ll be sore as fuck the next day.
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    Thanks a lot for all the replies!

    Yeah my libido is quite high, higher than ever before going on TRT. But there were some weeks on my TRT protocol when it was even higher, for example when I slightly increased the daily dose of this Tostran gel. I get some androgenic response, my body hair got thicker and darker, my appetite is definitely increased and I'm pretty sure my metabolism is increased , usually I would put on weight much faster eating 4200kcal a day. But I'm not getting any stronger, even though, please believe me, I really know how to train and eat. I also feel more lethargic than usual, have less energy, need more time to recover after a heavy workout, although it should be the contrary on a cycle.
    Before my blood work I supposed there woild be an issue with my estradiol, but it turned out it was quite OK, almost in range.
    So now I started to believe it could be some strange immune reaction, my body fighting the exogenous testosterone, there is a history of autoimmune illness in my family, I have no idea what else could be the problem, thanks for trying to help anyway!
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    You're avoiding the diet, so I'm 90% sure that's it. Stop focusing on just macros and focus on the specific foods and timing.

    Ex .. Will 300g pea protein have the same results as 300g protein from steak?
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  19. Apexvallen

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    If its taking you longer to recover on cycle you're probably over training. Lifting more reps or sets or weight without realising it and with the same calories, it takes you a little longer to recover.
  20. Marcus

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    Haha what’s up man?! I been skulkin around a bit
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