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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Preacher, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    Hey all, I would like to know if its possible for a recreational user of gear to hit just Test E cycles only. I will be running about 2 cycles a year. why can't I run just Test E at 500mg/EW or higher. Would I benifit from it or would be be superficial to keep running Test? Is it better to always stack? and why?

    My last cycle was Test E with nice results.

    Please comment, thank you
  2. heavyuser

    heavyuser Junior Member

    Most of my cycles in the past 8 years are testosterone enanthate, between 1000-1500mg weekly. It is safe, easy to use, and very cheap cycle. With testo e, you are making your body think, that he is in the natural enviroment, like natural testosterone, only litle higher then usual. :D
  3. Massive690

    Massive690 Member

    there is nothin wrong with running a test e only cycle bro. 500-750mg ew will help you grow nicely. no need to do this 1000-1500mg shit
  4. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    Hey Massive I haven't seen you around for some time now. What i'm looking for is whats the benifits of stacking? Does it allow bigger, faster gains? or do peeps do it because they have abused Test only clycles and now need more? This is what my second cycle was going to be:

    Test E 500mg\week 10 weeks

    tren E 400mg\week, weeks 1-8

    masteron 300mg\week, week 4-10
  5. heavyuser

    heavyuser Junior Member

    If you consider that 100mg of substance has about 70mg pure testosterone and 30mg of ester, besides relatively long half-life, 500-750mg weekly seems to be low. Enanthate need a lot of time to get bild up efect. 1000mg is idealy dose, and diference between 500mg and 1000mg weekly is huge, in terms of muscle mass and strength, and minimal, in terms of negative impact on body. You will temporary shut down your HPTA, in either way...
  6. jsupstarz

    jsupstarz Junior Member

    I don't know if that's a little higher than usual levels of natural test[:eek:)]
  7. HDH

    HDH Member

    I think Test only cycles are fine. Right now I'm stacking Test and Deca. I take the Deca because of joint problems. If I didn't have those problems, I probably wouldn't use the Deca. People stack for different reasons. Some for strength, hardness, vascularity, pure size and different combinations of those. Most throw in the Test so they don't have to worry about Mr. Limp-Limp. It's up to the person but Test only will always be good for what you have in mind.

  8. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    How about loading deca or var for the first few weeks while waiting for the test to kick in? Would that be benificial?
  9. jsupstarz

    jsupstarz Junior Member

    Yes, I would hit the var frontload.
  10. HDH

    HDH Member

    The Deca won't do you any good at the beginning, the ester is too long unless you plan to run it throughout the entire cycle. The var will give you more immediate strength gains. I would rather frontload the Test E or use a d-bol kickstart.The d-bol will give you more immediate strength and size gains. I used it at the beginning of this cycle.

  11. jsupstarz

    jsupstarz Junior Member

    If you dbol I would run that, thought you had var only. Dbol is better for size. I love dbol until I come off of it, then I hate it![:eek:)]
  12. HDH

    HDH Member

    Ya, I'm not too fond of coming off of it either but by the time I do I'm just about ready for a small dose of an AI to take care of some of the bloat (not all, just some).

  13. beezil

    beezil Member

    Good info Bro,

    My first 2 cycles were Test only cycles; Sust and Andropen. In which I ran 500 and 550 respectively.

    I now use a few more chems with my cycles but include test as a base to eliminate as HDH likes to put it; Mr. Limpy. But, I have been monitoring my Test dosage to see how low I can run it (while on cycle) and still maintain the same baseline test levels while off cycle??? Does this make sense.

    I rely on the tren or Eq for the Muscle and the low test for the libido. I have found this has kept estrogen controllable and water management easier to control as well. This is from a guy that looks at a test bottle and starts to bloat.

    Hope this helps.... bro
  14. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    Thanks guys as usual all good information, now just to retain it.

    I think I would like to run:
    D-bol 25-30mg ED (Broken up over three dosages through the day) 500mg Test Enth.
  15. jsupstarz

    jsupstarz Junior Member

    You'll be good to go with that
  16. HDH

    HDH Member

    Sounds good.

    Did you get taken care of at BBC?

  17. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    No, I might hit mike at vip. he's got some domestics now...
  18. HDH

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    Hmmm... ill just disappeared. Some sources do that when their client base gets big and they want to keep the customers they have happy.

    I was over at SSB and they have a new Approved Canadian Source. Let me know if you need a link. V.D. spends a lot of time there. She might be considering them also.

  19. juicer08

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    this statement so so true that why my next cycle will be test only 1500mg and im gonna blow up like a stuck hog, if you are doin the all famous " 500mg test" cycle you only doin 350mg of test not to much damn higher than the natural test production of a 18-25 yr old man and i know this is an age old thread but just ran across it