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  1. Street_Shark

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    I'm looking for advice

    Test e 250mg-mon 125mg-wed 250md-fri

    tren Ace 100mg ED

    Anavar 40mg ED

    Need advice on dose and pct
  2. DonQKong

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    What's your stats, training and cycle history?
  3. Street_Shark

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    This would be my Third cycle
    Been training for a few years on and off currently 1 consistently I train 6 days a week about 1.5 hours a day

    I've used Arimistine and Arimistage pct w Ostarine and also Sup3rpct for my last cycle last year witch was a Blend of tren e test e mast and HGH

    Saw palmetto
    Liv 52
    Raw multi Vitamin

    I Never used clomid or nolvadex or hcg

    I have on hand 6 Tren Ace 100mg 10ml vials from Genzyme and 6 Test E 250mg vials from Genesys
    200 20mg Anavar from PharmaOne
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  4. Leancuisine

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    Very uninformative post....
    Great way to pop the cherry.
    I'm assuming this is one of your first cycles, since you need advice on doses and pct.
    How many weeks is the cycle?
    Why the 125mg shot of test on Wednesday?
    Why not switch to prop, since you are already shooting ED?
    Would probably come out to the same price, if not cheaper, shooting 50mg prop ED versus 625mg test E EW... roughly going to be a vial of test a week either way.

    How long for the Anavar? I would condense it to the end of your cycle and double the dosage... if its actual anavar that is.

    Height? Weight? Bodyfat percentage? Training history? What is your nutrition going to look like? AI on hand? What do you have planned for PCT now?
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    Also, wrong place to post...
    First post should be in the "New Member Introduction" area... no biggie...
    but this should be in the plain Jane steroid forum.
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    My bad brother I posted after you posted this.

    Have you tried low test high tren?
  7. Leancuisine

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    You've got 60 days worth of tren (a little over 8 weeks) and if you run it at 625mg a week for test, you have 24 weeks. 50 days worth of var if you run it at 80mg.

    If I were you, I would run
    1-8 - Tren A 100mg ED
    1-12 - Test E 250mg Mon/Fri 125mg Wed (or even another shot of 250)
    5-12 - Anavar 80mg ED
    15-18 - Clomid 50mg ED
    15-18 - nolva 20mg ED

    I know you said you have never taken Nolva/Clomid, but if you are going to be taking pharm drugs that shut you down, I wouldn't trust anything other than pharm drugs to start me back up.
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  8. Street_Shark

    Street_Shark Junior Member

    Thanks for the info and my bad for posting here -

    My main reason for joining here is to get informed there's many many more like myself - the misinformed dudes who listen to friends that swear to know it all and say don't go by the internet I guess that's to keep us blind from pricing etc man I've blown crazy money on shit last year and this year only after doing research and checking the boards out I've seen that I've been on the wrong path as far as proper Dosing and pct and Cost!! Double or Trippple!!!

    Thank you for your advice I would need to get the PCT stuff and AI

    I've ordered pins online but nothing else just rather get ripped off by a know face lol but I guess the more I get informed the better things will get for me.

    Street Shark Feeling like a Guppy
  9. Street_Shark

    Street_Shark Junior Member

    Hey Man

    I keep hearing that I would also need Caber and Prami

    I did tren e last year and had no sides beside the slight urge to cough after injection
  10. Leancuisine

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  11. Street_Shark

    Street_Shark Junior Member

  12. Street_Shark

    Street_Shark Junior Member

    Thanks Bro Im waiting On the nolva and clomid adex Caber Prami and hcg!!!

    What are your thoughts on cruising after this on HGH and Primo or Prop????? For the summer
  13. Street_Shark

    Street_Shark Junior Member

    Hey, Lean

    Anything I can add to my cycle I'm gonna go the route you recommended I'm waiting on my ancillaries now but I was wondering if I should throw something else in what would be the best thing to do so???
  14. Leancuisine

    Leancuisine Member

    No. The cycle you are running will be a good one. Very strong. Don't be so focused on taking drugs to build your physique.
    I'm a bit worried that you are putting too much faith in these drugs. The most powerful dictator of your physique is going to be your diet. Mind if we go over that quick?

    As far as cruising...... that's in your hands. If you plan on starting TRT then sure, cruise. But if you are not going to start try, I would do a pct and let yourself recover.

    Cruising would usually be done with testosterone, but I've read people cruise on high doses of masteron - around 1000mg/wk. That is a costly expense per month, not to mention a large quantity of oil to be injecting per week... not so much of a cruise as it is an actual cycle.
  15. Leancuisine

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    Hey also I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, I did not receive any updates on this thread until just now.
  16. Street_Shark

    Street_Shark Junior Member

    Hey Bro

    All good

    As far as my diet it's modeled after Paleo it's been like that for a long time.

    The only problem I have is I sometimes don't eat beCause my appetite becomes suppressed.

    i get Breakfast lunch and dinner in and 2 or 3 protein drinks

    Iso pure bottles clear drinks
    And AllMax iso flex

    And thank you bro for the input as far as taking mad shit!!
  17. Leancuisine

    Leancuisine Member

    Any reason your appetite becomes suppressed?

    I know if I start following a paleo/low carb diet my appetite is non existent.

    As far as the cycle goes... I would maybe start with like 300mg of test and 400mg of tren, and slowly up tren to maybe like 600mg.

    Is this your first time using tren?
  18. Leancuisine

    Leancuisine Member

    Correct me of I'm wrong, but those isopure drinks have like 41-42 grams of protein, right?

    I think a paleo diet and tren will get you real lean!
  19. Street_Shark

    Street_Shark Junior Member

    Yea 40
  20. Street_Shark

    Street_Shark Junior Member

    I don't see me doing the 8 meals a day thing unless you count shakes and yogurts and fruits as meals