Test e, Tren ace cycle... potentially stanazol sus?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by beachesman, Sep 9, 2012.

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    beachesman Junior Member

    After i sustained a broken leg in a stupid injury, im now recovering and just finished my re-bulking cycle helped along with simple test e and dbol got the gains i wanted to achieve now time to cut again.

    this will be the first time ill take tren ace and am planning a 8-10 week cycle
    this will include:
    Test E 350mcg x 2 week
    tren ace 100mcg EOD
    t3 ED on varying doses throughout
    my question is i also have some stanazol suspension should i take this throughout the cycle or towards the end i was thinking from 6 weeks on and keep it running for 4 weeks?
    its British knight soo 50mcg/ml id most likely just use a ml while running it with the tren but towards the end up the dose if i run out of tren cause i decide i want to up the ante with my tren mid cycle? any thoughts?
    also running aromasin through the cycle then nolva afterwards.
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    leoclaw79 Member

    mcg????? thats the only thought that comes to mind lmao. i hope your gear isn't actually dosed in the order of magnitude of MICROgrams!
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    Sworder Member

    Leo sometimes people add the "c" in mg for aesthetics :) Probably was looking at his t3 and thinking it's all mcg. A lot of guys don't even care about mg. They just wanna know how many ml/cc to do and the rest is whatever.
    Cycle looks fine, I would worry about your leg though. What is your diet gonna be like? You can add the winny in the end but make sure you have enough tren so you don't run out. And if that is the case run the tren the last weeks.
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    beachesman Junior Member

    yeh that seems to be my rookie mistake :D. otherwise everything else stands thanks for the input.

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