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    Hey everyone,

    I am a new member to Meso Rx and I’ll be posting about my upcoming cycle to see what you guys and ladies think about it. This is my third cycle over the last several years but I used to take the advice of old friends so unfortunately, I don’t have any baseline blood tests to use.

    My current weight is 185lbs at 5’11 and about 11-12% BF. I’m planning on getting blood test done so I can see if I would have recovered at least to my current baseline. Wish I found this place before I got started but I’ve never had any bad sides and had retained gains.

    Just a bit of extra info, I know that I should be a bit bigger before giving this another round but I did lose quite a bit of muscle mass over an accident that left me with two broken collar bones and about a year to heal from that.

    So, this is the plan.

    Weeks 1-12
    Test E [Purple Panda International]: 500mg weekly / pinning on Monday and Thursday
    adex [Pharmacom]: .25mg EOD
    hcg [Purple Panda Domestic]: 750iu weekly / Split on Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule
    (I might run hCG through to week 14, ending days before pct)

    Weeks 1-8
    tren E [Purple Panda International]: 400mg weekly / pinning on Monday and Thursday
    Caber [Pharmacom: .25mg weekly / taken Monday and Thursday

    Weeks 9-12
    Anavar [Pharmacom]: 50mg daily

    3 weeks after last pin I will administer PCT as follows
    nolva [forgotten source]: 40/40/20/20
    clomid [forgotten source]: 100/100/75/50 (I read somewhere to do 50/50/25/25 so input here would be appreciated)
    aromasin [Pharmacom]: 25/25/12.5/12.5

    My diet is in check and plan to eat like a MOTHER.
    I’ve used Tren A before and sides consisted of decreased cardio ability ( I’d get winded walking up stairs or putting on shoes / which was also random as I could shred on the treadmill) and my anger management skills got tested frequently, and aching testicles as I didn’t use hCG.

    I am also aware that I should only use certain ancillaries once sides have popped up but I’d really rather take the safest route possible.

    Thank you in advance for your time!
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    Looks good, I’ll be along for it.
    Drop the caber. Only use as needed. If you keep estrogen in check you want have to worry about it. Any past blood work on cycle?
    Drop the aromasin during pct also. 50/50/25/25 is plenty on the clomid.
    How recently did you buy from panda? No exact dates.
  3. Ghilly-Pig

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    No previous bloodwork at all. I’ll just have my current labs to work with in the future.

    Thanks for the input. I’ll hang on to the caber just in case the world goes sideways for a minute.

    I’ll drop the aromasin. I was adding that as just an extra benefit really.

    I haven’t bought the cycle yet but have everything picked out. I’m just waiting to get some feedback from members before pulling the trigger on the shopping cart.

    I should be buying in the near future
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    You are aware of the recent events evolving around ppl? I’m not trying to sway you one way or the other, just making sure you have the facts before making a decision.

    If it’s your first time with tren I suggest getting acetate so it can quickly clear out of your system in the event of any bad reaction. If you go with Tren e I would extend it to 10 weeks.
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    I’m not aware of any events evolving around people right now. Anything I should look in to? I’ve been reading forums but mainly just checking up on other peoples gear.

    I’ve used tren before and felt like king on it so that’s why I decided to go with E. My least favorite thing about acetate was having to pin so frequently. I was curious if 8 weeks was long enough, 10 just sounded like a long time to have tren in my system.
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    Throwing you a bone here...find another source.
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  8. --I would recommend you drop caber (just need to control your E2)
    -- Extend your Tren E to the full 12 week. Party don't usually starts until week 6
    --Use Var only to lost that extra 2-5lbs or 1-2% bf. If you're still fat as a Twinkies-save it for later cycle!
    -- Recommend you extend to 6 weeks before starting PCT. This will allow AAS HF to clear your system.

    Cardio is must regardless if your running A or E- keep that ticker ticking!
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