“TEST, EQ - 16 week cycle. Experienced EQ users please?

Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by Storm, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Storm

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    Cruising for past 13 weeks after a 12 week test, mast cycle.
    Also on low dose HGH and Frag.

    Starting a new cycle. Never used EQ. I know some people swear by Deca but after a lot of research I want to give this compound a try.

    49 years old, 5’6” 165lbs
    14% Bf
    Nutrition on point for me. ( I used to be a puffy 180, not lean with 20+%bf)
    Not a pro or training for a show
    6 years on TRT with 4 cycles. Compounds used previously test, mast, var

    Cycle planned for April 2019 start

    W 1-16
    Test C or E 400-500 ew
    EQ 600 ew
    Continue HGH but up dose to 1.5 IU twice daily for 3 iu total ed
    W 12-16 Anavar 50 mg ED

    I have anastrazole on hand. My sides have always been mild but I will probably take 0.5 EOD.

    Will monitor lipids, and blood pressure. Might give blood half way through?

    I’ve researched front loading EQ, but pinning 800-900 mgs of anything I’ve never taken before on day 1 seems insane. I’m not comfortable with that unless you guys have some good experience or advice, so I’ll have to be patient. The test is already in my system from TRT.

    I do have D Bol tabs, which I’ve never taken. If I were to try, I’d keep dose low 10-20mg
    *if I get the balls to try for a jump start, W1-3 or 4
    This also gives me pause at my age.
    Besides not wanting a ton of water retention, don’t want BP issues. But the curiousity is there.

    Ok forum..... have at it

    Seriously looking for feedback from guys who have used EQ. And other old guys like me.
  2. Rockclimber

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    Since you're trying to stay lean you will love EQ. Around week 8 it really comes into Force giving you a nice hard definition and veins. All the gains that you get you will keep after coming off.
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  3. Morefyah

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    Is your goal to weigh more or less then 165lbs? No mention of diet or goals..
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  4. Mac11wildcat

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    No need to frontload, if you want, double up, but don’t be concerned with it. Just pin away.
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  5. Storm

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    Good point. I’d like to gain 10-15 lbs, lean if I could. But quality is more important than size (quantity) for me this time around. So gaining 12-15 and leaning down to a net 8-10 would be my goal.
  6. ATR713

    ATR713 Junior Member

    500 test Cyp
    600 EQ for me but jump starting wk 1-4 with 15mg Sdrol and running 50mg winny the last 4 weeks. Will keep you posted. I’ve never ran EQ before either.
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  7. MCFC

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    Any past blood work? EQ is hit or miss with many. For most the side effects are minimal but if you already have thick blood, from long term aas/TRT amongst other things, then eq can make it significantly worse. I'm one of those. Eq also made me bloated and have "moon face". Gains are minimal on eq IME... A short low dose npp blast would be more sufficient I believe but you never know until your try. Still I would have bloods checked prior to any cycle
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  8. Storm

    Storm Member

    On week 11-12
    Test E 600 mgpw, EQ 600 mgpw, just added VAR 50 mgpd last week.
    Have also been running HGH 4 ius per day since the start.
    49, male, 5'6" 170lbs ( up 5) Bf 13-15.

    Having fantastic results, Lean gains. Going to continue 3-4 more weeks. Blood work is good including Hb. No notable sides.

    Any thoughts on adding or swapping in masteron? Headed to the beach in 3 weeks, and have some on hand so I'd like to take advantage of the hardening, but I've never run 4 AA compounds simultaneously. Also, my research says I should run the EQ for the full 16 weeks so I don't want to discontinue that one. Really liking the EQ. Maybe reduce test? Thoughts?
  9. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    If you are happy with the results from your cycle and everything is working great then don’t fuck with it! Maybe add some Anavar at the end? 50 mg/day.

    EQ is a great secondary compound, not so much a primary muscle builder so keep the testosterone dose where it is.

    If you want to add masteron you can, since you only have 5 weeks left you would need to go with mast prop. 300-400 mg/week is effective for most. Masteron can be tough on the hairline.

    I would suggest keeping the cycle as is.
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  10. skinnyman

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    I've done 1 EQ cycle. And I'm on EQ and test cyp now.
    My first EQ cycle:
    week 1 to 16 EQ 600mg e5d
    week 1 to 18 test cyp 500mg e5d
    I also started off with some Tbol 50mg first 3 weeks. Later on in the cycle tried Anadrol 50mg pwo.

    I don't understand why people are taking these crazy dosages. For me 500mg e5d and 600mg EQ is kinda high.

    Sure EQ is weak, but trust me when it kicks in you'll know it. If you're taking to much of it you'll elevate your RBC a lot. I recommend that you don't do more than 500-600 e5d .

    If you take testosterone 250mg e5d which equals to 350mg ew (or 400 if you want) and eq about 400mg e5d would be more than enough.

    Add some Dianabol 30mg pre workout and you're set! (or if you prefer another oral as pwo) I think tbol would be better since you probably don't want to get bloated.

    I'm taking 0.5 arimidex as well.
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  11. 1075gasman

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    I just started this same run!! Excited to see what the EQ does I running my test c at 750 thou, kinda high for me but wanted to give the EQ a little more to work with. My question is thou did ya end up donationing around week 8-10?
  12. jJjburton

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    I am running EQ 600 Test 600 Mast 600. I donated and my iron was at 18. I am only 3 weeks into it but I would suggest donating asap. I was almost not allowed to donate if my iron was at 20. I am donating every 60 days.

    Als I have to take an asiprin every day to get rid of thick blood.
  13. I presume that the EQ will be utilized in a Bodybuilding setting.
    Can’t comment from that side of the fence.
    But when it comes to Applied Power Apparatus, and Combat setting, is where it truly shines.
    Test E - 200-250mg a week.
    EQ - 900mg a week for the first 3 weeks then 600mg a week for another 10-12 weeks. The recovery and intensity in daily training 2-4 hours a day. Alternating Rucking days, going distances of 20-40 miles a setting 6-12 hours blitzkriegs, have only experienced with EQ. It’s a Underrated Compound that has the potential to push you to your limits daily, in the right circles. Makes you a Stamina Machine, if your already a Endurance individual.
    ... start of slow and adjust accordingly.
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  14. boxer15

    boxer15 Member

    Ran EQ at 400mg / week in the past. Did not bloat from it and did a front load without issue. After a few weeks on it, I had to start donating blood due to thickening blood.
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  15. justanoob

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    were you getting sides that you noticed before you started to donate blood? and did everything return to normal after the cycle?
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  16. boxer15

    boxer15 Member

    I had like a shortness of breath type of feeling. Subsided for a while after donating blood and went away completely after cycle.