Test/Eq/Anadrol/Winstrol Cycle + planning cycle log, bw etc.

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  1. Fxxy

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    Hello guys,

    I am new to this forum and I am planning to start cycle log which will go through my whole upcoming cycle, including bloodwork, my feelings, positives and negatives.
    To introduce myself a bit I got 1 cycle under my belt which was 16weeks cycle of 500mg tst E/w 1-16w (in the last 3weeks tapering down) and dbol 30mg ed 1-4wks and winstrol 30mg ed 12-16wks. In the end of the cycle I used hcg and after last shot of test I waited 2 weeks and started pct. Now I am 2 months after the end of PCT and planning the next cycle start in 1 month. In my first cycle I gained some quality muscle, had some problems with estrogen which I fixed later after the bloodwork. I am very e2 sensitive and need higher doses of AI than majority of ppl. PCT went very good had no problems at all and feeling fully recovered.

    Next cycle could look like this:
    1-20 test e 500mg/w
    1-20 eq 500mg/w
    1-4 Anadrol 100-150 mg/w or should I use dbol again? 40mg/w?
    16-20 winstrol 40mg/w
    For estrogen control I will be using aromasin and if needed I got tamoxifen on hand but do not wanna use it till I really need to.
    After the end of the cycle I prolly dont wanna PCT and I am planning to cruise on 125-200mg test/w.
    Goal of this cycle is to add good amount of quality mass which I think Eq is very good compound for cuz of its effects and minimal sides+increase apetite.
    I am also thinking about using mk667 but not sure if it is good idea in combination with eq and anadrol. You can discuss about this.
    I would like to ask you guys for your thoughts on this cycle and what would you change. Should I add something or remove something? What about doses do they seem good?
    I would be very thankful for any of your ideas.
    I am sure my whole cycle vlog could be very interesting for some ppl who are planning or alrdy doing similar cycles to see how person react. I am kinda very cautious person and will also go for several bloodworks during the cycle as I did in my first cycle. Those bw I would share ofc.
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    People are gonna tell you that's too long of a cycle with too many compounds. Also I'm not expert but the drol dosage seems high. Everything else is dosed in pretty moderate amounts but I think 100mg of drol is kinda the upper limits of what people do.
  3. Fxxy

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    Well it is 20weeks cuz Eq just needs time to build up and I think anything less than 16w would be not that effective. Also I am planning to donate blood every few weeks cuz of Eq.
    I heard very different opinions on drol. Some ppl say it is not that super liver toxic and 150mg 4w is fine. But I also think it might be too much and I will just go for 100mg ed for 4w I guess and see what it does to me.
    How much E2 convertion should I expect from drol? Is it similar to dbol? Because when I was taking dbol 30mg/ed I needed kinda high dose of AI to keep my e2 under control.
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    Tell me your not 21
  5. Fxxy

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    No idea why are you taking this topic in this direction but ye I am 26.
  6. hurricane

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    After 1 cycle you need 4 compounds? You're only 26. I'd drop everything but test and maybe one oral.
    How much gear you gonna need in 2 years? 3 years? 5 years?
    If you were so cautious you'd realize this is overkill.
    There's some big ass dudes on here who don't use that much gear.
    Obviously you're set on doing this so hope you stay healthy. But not what I'd advise.
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  7. hurricane

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    He's taking it there because we don't want anyone fukin themselves up at a young age.
  8. Monstar

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    Drol dosage should be 50mg. Very individual compound but the only way 100-150mg makes sense for a 2nd cycle is if your shit is heavily underdosed.

    People that like equipoise will probably recommend a higher dose like 600mg.

    If you are sensitive to estradiol then dbol may have caused some issues for you. Give the drol a try.

    I realize you like this stuff but B&C can cause issues down the road. You are 26. Probably want to have kids or a family some day. Don't do this. It's your 2nd cycle. Bad enough for 20 weeks but give this a few years and see where you are.
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  9. Turbo charged

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    I like the cycle I would cut it down to 16 weeks. That recovery will be a bitch at 20 unless you are on trt. Which at 26 you shouldn't even think about.
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  10. Fxxy

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    Appreciate all your response guys. I am glad you trying to help me.
    To summ it up I will probably make it 16 weeks but my question is if I go to pct after the cycle eq stays very long in the system so I would prolly cut it in week 16 and start tapering down the test for like 2 more weeks and after last shot of test I would wait like 14 days and start PCT.
    So cycle would look like this
    test e 500mg/w 1-18w (last 2 weeks tapering down)
    eq 500mg/w 1-16w (I really do not wanna use more than 500mg for first try)
    Anadrol 50-100mg/ed 1-4w
    winstrol 40mg/ed 12-16w

    PCT starts 14 days after my last test shot. At this points it would be 4 weeks after last Eq shot which I think should be good.
    What do you guys think?
  11. Fxxy

    Fxxy Junior Member

    Yes I had estradiol issues with dbol and had to use high doses of AI as I mentioned. Would like to ask you your opinion on Anadrol and estradiol what should I expect? Lets say compared to 30mg of dbol.
  12. Monstar

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    Drol doesn't convert. Generally it's not an issue. There is a theory that drol CAN act directly on certain tissues (breast etc...) but tends to be rare.

    Honestly for me, I hold little if any water on drol. Feel good. Appetite good. Energy high. Recovery fantastic - it is know as the work capacity drug. Some BP elevation but not more than dbol.

    Other people have a 180 degree different experience. Very individual here.
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  13. Monstar

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    I've seen you say "taper" twice with regard to the long ester. Does this mean you are doing less than 500mg in weeks 17 and 18? If so, don't bother with that. Esters are self tapering meaning they gradually exit the body anyway. Whether that's desirable or not is up for debate but you should not be lowering doses in final weeks.

    Start with 50mg of drol ED. You should not need 100mg unless you are a dog shit responder or your gear is bunk. This is your 2nd cycle and first experience with anadrol. Plenty of guys in your situation can do fine with 25mg ED. 50 is fine. Consider I'm mid 40s, 6'3" 240-250, numerous cycles under my belt. I get bloods and have no issues running orals for well beyond 4 weeks as my liver values hardly move nor do lipids (so I'm not the "OMG orals you are going to die" nanny type but I have a lot of experience and documented blood work to back that up so I'm not being careless here). I don't run 100mg of drol. Granted I respond well to it but I never even considered that in my early days and simply don't need it today (modest goals). If you eat and know how to train - which I'm highly skeptical of on these forums - you will be pleased.
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  14. Fxxy

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    I read so many things about drol and some of them say that it can cause some estrogenic activity as you mentioned breast etc.
    Also some ppl say that Eq lowering the estrogen convertion which is something I really like. Do not wanna overkill the AI ofc and trying to figure out what would be the best dose for me.
    I think 12.5mg of aromasin ED seems fine for this cycle cuz in my last cycle I needed 12.5mg ED when I was on tst 500mg/w and 30mg winstrol ED. I did like 3 different bloodwork and this was sweat spot. When I was on dbol I used also 12.5mg/ed and it was not enough for me to keep E2 in range based on the bloodwork.
  15. Fxxy

    Fxxy Junior Member

    Thank you again for telling me your own point of view on this.
    I think I really was missinformed about drol use and talked to not that experienced people and I am glad you told me this.
    I will be using 50mg/ed only as you suggest.
    Another thing is my liver seem doing pretty well while taking orals. I had kinda nice values while I was taking orals last time.
    Tapering thing I mean in week 17 I will use for example 300mg test and week 18 150mg. I think gear should be faster out of my system if I taper it down and my last shot is like 75mg instead of 250mg.
  16. Monstar

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    This is why you want to wade carefully into this. Anadrol can have estrogenic like effect but DOES NOT convert to E2. This means no standard AI will help you or stop the effects. You almost certainly won't have a problem but having nolvadex on hand would be helpful.

    For the record I keep legit pharma grade AI (which I always take as I convert a lot), nolva, and Prami on hand at all times. All of this can be obtained from Buy Generic prescription Drugs from Reliable Online Pharmacy|Reliablerxpharmacy or any other site. 90 day supply is fine to bring in.
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  17. Fxxy

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    I only use pharma grade AI I would never order UG AI I do not trust that. And I still got plenty of nolva left from my last cycle. Like 2 packs . So it will be ready to use if needed.
    Maybe I could use 10mg of nolva ED for first 4 weeks when I will be taking drol just to be safe or you think it is bad idea?
  18. Monstar

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    For tapering this is true. Used to be more popular. Almost no one does it this way anymore. Idea being if you are "on" and shut down it's binary so just keep the dose high. With halflife decay long esters effectively taper anyway which is why you are waiting 2 weeks after test and 4 weeks after equipoise to pct...this is the built in taper. No harm in doing this though but a lot of people will tell you not to for the previous logic. This will neither make or break your cycle but useful to understand the other perspective.

    If you had bloods done toward the end of your dbol or winny run that's a good thing. Gives you an idea. For perspective I was 10 weeks into tren A at 525mg weekly and 6 weeks into winstrol at 50mg. My AST was in range and my ALT was 5-6 points above range. Ran it for a while longer then cruised and had all values normal in 4 weeks.
  19. Fxxy

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    These were values right after finishing 4 weeks of winny and 12.5mg aromasin/ED on 500mg/tst. You can see my liver values seem pretty good imho.
    One thing is you can see that I need plenty of AI compared to other ppl cuz 12.5mg of pharma grade aromasin is A LOT and it would totaly kill estrogen in most of ppl on 500mg/w tst.
    Not sure in which units you normaly post BW on this forum but I think you know what these values mean.
  20. Holidaypay

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    I take 100 mg Anadrol its not my first time using it but thats not a crazy dose imo 50 mg 2 hours pre workout 50 mg 2 hours post workout but thats just what I like doing personally I also b&c so pct isn't a consideration for mw