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    Twinpeak1 Junior Member


    I would really appreciate some advise and thoughts please.

    I am currently 26yrs old, 6ft, 195llbs and 11%BF.

    I am close to starting my first cycle after a long time debating what the best cycle to do.
    I am keen to do a stack rather than just a test only cycle,
    although i understand both views.

    What I had in mind originally was 12wks, at 500mg Test and 400mg Deca EW

    However as my goals are to put on some mass and strength for Rugby and to keep as much of my gains as possible (through training, eating, pct) I am actually very strongly thinking of changing the Deca to Equipose due the lower water retention. I also feel greater empathy for EQ due to the reduced shut down and other lower sides associated.

    So my proposed cycle:

    Weeks 1-12,
    500mg Test EW
    400mg EQ EW

    To kick start wks 1-4, 30mg Dbol ED

    Also I am thinking of running wks 1-12 arimidex at 0.5mg EOD to keep water retention/bloating down.

    Will be run wks 4-12 at 500IU EW. (day after test/eq shot)
    Then for 10 days, 1 day after last shot of test at 500IU ED

    1day after last shot of HCG

    Day 1 300mg
    Days 2-14 100mg ED
    Days 15-28 50mg ED

    Days 1-14 40mg ED
    Days 15-28 20mg ED


    1) does EQ sound a better choice compared to Deca?
    2) How does cycle look?
    3) How does PCT look?
    4) any other comments!

    All help is greatly received.

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    Reinheart Member

    Hey bro! Welcome to Meso! =)

    1) does EQ sound a better choice compared to Deca?
    Yes, by many aspects.

    2) How does cycle look?
    Looks very good but i don't think you really need eq at this point.

    3) How does pct look?
    I would do just nolva for my pct 40/20/20/20

    4) any other comments!
    Don't use a-dex unless you need it. Add d-bol to kickstart your cycle and don't wory about water retention, it should be gone, come the end of your cycle.

    Good luck and keep us posted! =)
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    Twinpeak1 Junior Member

    Thanks Reinheart, really appreciate the reply.

    Have to say I am getting very excited!

    How much difference in terms of hardness, strength and size will I get from the EQ?

    Also when you say for the pct I only need nolva are you saying drop the clomid but keep the hcg?

    If so does the HCG look right to you?

    Planning on doing some before mid and after photos so I can keep track of the progress. Will certainly post these.

    Thanks again.
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    bigbench Member

    Cycle looks pretty good, but you need to run the test for at LEAST one week longer than the EQ so that they clear at the same time. The pct you have is great except you dont need 300mgs of clomid day one. It is the higher doses of clomid that give you the sides. Like Rein said, you dont NEED the clomid, but the clomid/nolva combo is great. And yes the hcg looks good. Also, like he said, you can get away with just using Test for your first cycle, however, EQ is so mild and is a direct test derivative that the sides (if any) can be easily controlled and the EQ can be used to amplify your cycle.
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    Big_paul Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    good cycle bro test and eq look good., so long as your using test e or cyp. you wiil make nice gains don't forget a high calorie and high protien diet. train hard bro. pct looks good to me. try 0.25 mg a dex ed first. then if you need it bump it up. i don't think you will need to though. 0.25 should be enough to control sides.
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    dennis Member

    eq is a better choice than deca for your needs..beware of eating too many bad carbs on the cycle.If you could get var instead of dbol I would rather see you use that for a kick start.
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    Twinpeak1 Junior Member

    thanks for all the responces. all good advise.

    So I should run the EQ 11wks and Test for 12wks right?

    Also, how would Turinobol compare to var please as a kick start to the cycle if I am going to drop the dbol?

    clomid - start at 100mg day 1?

    Also what sides are possible with the clomid? I understand it makes your moods like a girls but thought if you took it before bed you avoid this?
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    MrBman Junior Member

    turinobol is not the greatest oral for a kick start to your cycle ... it is a slower acting compound that yields quality gains over time ... you would be much more satisfied using a different oral compound such as dianabol ... i cannot comment on anavar though i heard it is rather slow acting takes two weeks or more to start showing its pretty head ... if we are really talking about a kickstart id go with dbol, or shorter acting test for first two weeks ... im sure bb or the others can offer a lot more insight - but thats my personal opinion
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    dennis Member

    From the info you gave above in your original post I would use var over dbol for the kick start.
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    Twinpeak1 Junior Member

    Denis, thanks for your reponces. I just wanted to clariry with you regarding var as the kick start choice. I think I understandd your point regarding not going for Dbol due to the water retention etc associarted with this -is this correct?

    What would be your reasons for selection Var above Turinibol for the kick start? Not arguing just curious?

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    dennis Member

    var above dbol because var gives quick strength gains and good lean gains and is very easy on the liver..also very dry look.Var should kick quicker than t-bol and be a little easier on your liver.I take var weeks 1-4 and weeks 10-14 on my 12 week cycles.Which ever drug you can get cheaper..either var or tbol would be fine.
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    shamrockbear1 Member

    I think I would do the hcg 250 Iu 2 times a week Mon and Thurs. I would also stop hcg after last shot no more. Im going to run nolva 20mg entire cycle thats me and I would run .25 arimidex every day instead.
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    jc texas

    jc texas Junior Member

    Im 38 any ideas i want to use deca and test first cycle im 210 pounds. Body fat 20%
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    daledd Member

    Open your own topic bro, no point in bumping a 7 year old thread. I would drop the deca, it shuts you down harder. Use test e at 500mg/week in 2 pins. arimidex 0.5mg e3d and clomid for pct 3 weeks after last pin. Dont just blindly follow my advice, do a lot of research first and understand how every compound works and what its effects are.
    Good luck.
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