Test flu + tren sides riding out the storm

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  1. hey bros so I’ve hit a little fork in the road. Nothing to major bc I’m not a bitch but I’m feeling like a dogs ass rn. My appetite is gone, my sleep is fucked bc of cold sweats, my body aches, dry cough etc. my workouts are great I’m getting stronger but during the all of my workouts this week I had a puke feeling that I’ve been ignoring. I’ve been hydrating like a mofo as well. I’m fine with the sides I’ve felt worse before what’s important to me is holding my mass. I know I have to keep the calories up so I’ve been compensating with egg whites mixed with low fat chocolate milk and eating when I can. Even eating Chinese and cheese burgers post workout. Is this the best way to hold on to my size as I ride this out? I do not want the tren whittling me down to nothing thanks friends!
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  2. Dohn joe

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    I doubt chinese and cheeseburgers are the way to go. Have you considered those mass building shakes to keep calories up?
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    What dosages are you running?
  4. 900 test 600 Ace we’ll experienced with tren. Never had this feeling from it before but my test is long ester and I’m hitting week 4.5 of the test.
  5. 6ft1 224lbs 11% bf. This is not a contest prep but rather a lean bulk. I can’t eat clean (for every meal) on this dose or I will whittle away.
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    I understand you. Is it couple of weeks then no problem.
    Like dirty bulk
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    When was your last blood test?
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  8. About a 3 months ago on cruise and everything was in order before I started this.
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  9. Yeah I’m just going to ride this one out. I still feel good just want my appetite back and I would be a happy camper tren usually makes my appetite unstoppable
  10. My piss is pretty clear Not too dark
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    600 is a lot of tren A. Honestly I don't feel like I can bulk while on Tren either, I'll leave that up to test + NPP or something along those lines. I know a lot of brothers here are able to lean bulk on tren but it definitely takes dedication and a dialed-in diet.
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  12. Yeah it is I’m thinking about dropping it down some. I might accidentally be on more than 600 :/ bc I was injecting 200mg of hex with my long ester test in the first month now I’m using 150 mg eod Ace I think I fucked up and the tren is showing me who is boss..
  13. Gotta respect it and unfortunately I am now paying the price brothers. Sometimes my brain fails me.
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  14. Note: Took 2500 mcg b12 this morning appetite is slowly rising it seems.
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    Did you ever start with a hundred mg every other day (350mg/wk)? That's typically where people start and then they add to it from there.
  16. Yes on my last two runs with tren. Felt great there but i guess I felt like experimenting a little and moving to 150 mg eod. Forgot about that damn hex.
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    You’re the boss you’re experienced with tren so you should know that sides will be gone in a week or two
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  18. True. I just want to hold my weight while my appetite is shit. That’s rlly what this thread comes down to. Tren has never crushed my appetite like so.
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    You’re gonna hold your weight no matter you know you can cut on tren on 1500 Cals and lose only bf plus of that you’re on 900mg test so everything is fine brother
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  20. Thanks man. I don’t know why but I guess I needed reassurance. This week I’ve been looking in the mirror at the gym and totally freaking out for no reason like damn your losing size but I think it’s the water being pulled + tren mind games which are always fun to play. Thanks everyone for input
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