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    Hi all,

    Recently I've had a couple of blood tests as I reported a number of symptoms to the doctor which are similar to those of people with low testosterone levels. As a framing for this I am 31. Results are:

    1st test - 30th October

    Serum Testosterone - 7.6 nmol/L (219.21 ng/dL)

    2nd test - 12th November

    Serum Testosterone - 10.3 nmol/L (297.08ng/dL)
    SHBG 15 nmol/L

    Should I persue this further or take the doc's advice that as I'm within lab ranges now and should have reasonable free testosterone all is as it should be?

    Lab ranges given are:

    Serum Testosterone 8.4 nmol/L - 28.7 nmol/L
    SHBG 13 nmol/L - 71 nmol/L

    If all is ok then all good and life goes on, if I should look at this some more the guidance of those with more knowledge and experience would be appreciated.

    Symptoms are unchanged.

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    Did you see an endo dr, or a family care dr?

    Also your symptoms won't change, and your testes are not dead glands they will produce at testosterone at different times of the month, hence why at different times of the month you'll be more depressed, more stressed out, maybe a bit more emotional, because your test is lower. Your results do indicate that your test level is low, extremly low October 30th, slightly elevated, but still low on November 12th. But you are at the very low range of normal, but not where a 31yr old should be. I would go back to that dr, or ask him to refer you to a Endocronologist, and I would bring those results with you. I would also stress how bad your symptoms are, how you have no libido, no sex drive. I would also inform them how bad your quality of life is and you need them to help you out to make you better. I'd ask what the treatment options will be.

    Just a side note here, my friend that was 26 at the time had a test level of 245, he's on test inj's once a week now.

    Good luck and let keep us up to date on how everything goes.
  3. Ignitionnet

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    I saw a standard family doctor on both occasions.

    I am going to express concern to him that there is an underlying issue that should be addressed, and that the data he is using to assess me doesn't take account of age. I may be within range now for an 85 year old man but regrettably not a 31 year old, and express my concern about quality of life.

    The primary issue was one of lack of libido but there are a few other symptoms there that were put down to other things or just ignored, however having seen the full list of symptoms it's certainly worth looking at this more closely I think than just 'Your total is back within range, your SHBG is low, you're fine'.
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    The ASEE Guidelines call for treatment with levels<300.
    You will feel better, be healthier and live longer with more normal levels.

  5. Ignitionnet

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    I've decided to pursue the matter privately. I've a few interesting symptoms that I would rather went away.
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    Test other hormones as well.
  7. I would look in to the probably causes of why your levels are low by looking at your from a holistic stand point from all angles of stress. I have several guys in UK that are vitamin D deficient and just adding in vitamin D makes them feel so much better. One needs to look at daily stressors in order to have a starting point where to even start. Patients/clients come in fill out a 158 questionaire before visit telling me every thing I need to know about them as welll as previous blood work they may have done. If their dr is open minded I have a list of test that I suggest to have them done to rule out any imbalances that I may feel exist. I have every person do a 24 hour cortisol salivia test to see how much stress and where the imbalances occurs and what happens around that time that could make it occur. I also look heavily into the thyroid because the adrenals and thyroid are interlinked. They are the ying / yang of the endocrine system and are the driving force behind ones metabolism mood, and also hormone production, detoxificatoin. The sex hormones are the last to be examined because I find the >70% of sex hormones are just a symptoms and not a cause. The next thing is nutrient and also the balancing of proper nutrients in right ratio to prevent competition. As you can see there are several factors that go into properl look at a person, but only 1-2 % of dr's actually take the time to further explore why things are happening, but stick you on meds that are just bandaids for the real causes such as toxcity, poor diet, weaken adrenals, nutritional deficiency, ect.
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    Thank you. I'm not too worried about how things get fixed so long as they do. Clearly I have some underlying issue which will only become worse as my natural testosterone production drops with age.

    We'll see how things go, work is in progress.
  9. pmgamer18

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    Like Hardasnails says you need to find out why your this low going on TRT is for life and once you do you can't find out why your low. Here read my story I suffered 23 yrs not knowing why I was low being on TRT helped but I was still feeling like crap all the time.
    Take my work for this going on TRT will not tell you why your low and will not fix the problem.
    realthyroidhelp.com &bull; View topic - My Story.
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    Thank you for your previous answers.

    May I ask if anyone who has had some issues with low T levels has become somewhat, err, emotional? I seem to be rather passive and easily upset. I mean upset as in the 'tearful' sense rather than the 'angry' sense.

    It's weird and I can't think of any other explanation.

    Beard growth also rather slow, taking a week or more to grow what used to be 2 - 3 days of growth.

    I apologise if there's a sticky that lists all possible symptoms that I've missed.

    Thanks again for your appreciated time and advice.
  11. I find that alot of europeans are low in nutrients mainly due to depletion of the soil.
    Contact me there may be something that is lacking or out of balance in your lifestyle, nutrition, or other areas that may be resulting in your health and wellness issues.
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    Absolutely. Depression and similar symptoms are signs of low T. When mine was low, I had depression along with the ED, lack of libido and loss of strength. When it got to where yours is then I started to not even care about it. Only the memory of a good sex life made me want to fix the problem. I expect that if I had gone on like that for any length of time that I would have just given up. I have read stories on a relationship board where women write in telling stories about how their husbands have slowly lost interest in sex, have ED and in the end don't even care that they have a problem. I don't know if those men have low T, but they have all the signs of low T. When my depression was the worst, I just wanted to cry at times. You don't have to be below lab normals to feel really bad.
  13. Gin

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    I would guess that you have very high estradiol , E2, & are growing boobs.
  14. Ignitionnet

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    You may well be more right than you know :eek:
  15. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    The levels are definitely on the abnormal low to low side and deserve further attention and investigation. The levels by themselves, though, do not provide the information to even begin thinking about TRT. The symptoms you cite are consistent with the lab values for hypogonadism. But, again, what is the cause?

    The attachment is a review of systems (ROS) to go through and report to tour doctor. There must be other labs done to follow-up on the initial abnormal low value. What were they? Do you know what was tested? This would give some insight into the doctor's ability/experience.

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  16. Ignitionnet

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    Hi and thank you for the feedback.

    I have provided all the results that have been given. Upon the first low result the doctor ordered serum testosterone and SHBG only.

    I will look through the PDF, thank you again for helping me help myself. I'm fine with not going onto TRT, it would be the last resort if underlying causes couldn't be resolved.
  17. You need to get with a competent health practioner you will take the time to dig for the cause. Some cases have taken me up to 2 weeks of research to get to the bottom of things because I am incredible diligent in looking for the cause which can then be explained and back by clinical scientific data.
  18. Ignitionnet

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    I'm being referred to an endocrinologist. It's outside of my doctor's expertise really.

    Will update with findings of the endo.
  19. the3dwizard

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    What you are feeling could all be symptoms of low testosterone. With proper treatment you will feel much better so hang in there.
  20. JanSz

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    If you have insurance do my list (below) at Quest Diagnostics.
    If you have to pay cash there are better ways, to get same tests for less $$ and without scripts.

    This list will allow good view of your health.
    It would most likely follow with more tests.

    I do this list at 1-2 years intervals.

    It is a complete script, just have doc sign it and you draw blood at Quest.
    Do not draw in docs office.
    1 --------- Comprehensive Metabolic Panel w/EGFR
    2 --------- CBC w/ diff/PLT
    3 --------- VAP TM Cholesterol Test (10270X)
    4 --------- Iodine, Serum and Plasma (16599)
    5 --------- Iodide, Serum or Plasma (2420SP)
    6 --------- Selenium, Whole Blood (4875W)
    7 --------- Copper, serum
    8 --------- Zinc
    9 --------- Magnesium, Serum (622X)
    10 --------- C-Reactive Protein (CRP), Highly Sensitive, CSF - (17401X)
    11 --------- Fibrinogen
    12 --------- Homocysteine, cardio
    13 --------- Lipoprotein (A) Lp(A)
    14 --------- Iron and Iron Binding Capacity (7573X) - (356N)
    15 --------- Iron, Total (571X) - (24984P)
    16 --------- Ferritin (457X) - (22764P)
    17 --------- Transferrin (891X) - (30346P)
    18 --------- Folate, RBC & Hematocrit - (1768N)
    19 --------- Hemoglobin A1c (496X) - (45484P)
    20 --------- Hemoglobin, Plasma (514X) - (7211P)
    21 --------- VITAMIN A, E, B3, B12
    22 --------- Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy, LC/MS/MS - (17306X)
    23 --------- t3, Total (859X)
    24 --------- T4, Total (Thyroxine)
    25 --------- T3, Free
    26 --------- T4,Free
    27 --------- T3, Reverse (967X)
    28 --------- Ultrasensitive TSH
    29 --------- Thyroid Peroxidase and Thyroglobulin Antibodies (7260X)
    30 --------- Insuline, serum
    31 --------- IGF Binding protein-3
    32 --------- igf-1
    33 --------- DHEA Sulfate 402X
    34 --------- Aldosterone
    35 --------- Renin Activity, Plasma
    36 --------- ACTH, Plasma
    37 --------- Cortisol Binding Globulin (Transcortin) (37371X)
    38 --------- 8AM/4PM/10PM---Cortisol, Free and Total, LC/MS/MS (37077X)
    39 --------- prolactin - (746X)
    40 --------- Progesterone, LC/MS/MS 17183X
    41 --------- Pregnenolone, LC/MS/MS (31493X) 28373P
    42 --------- Androstenedione, LC/MS/MS - (17182X)
    43 --------- Estradiol [4021X](13- 54 pg/mL)
    44 --------- Estrogens, Fractionated, LC/MS/MS (36742X)
    45 --------- testosterone, Free, Bio/Total (LC/MS/MS) Code: 14966X
    46 --------- Dihydrotestosterone
    47 --------- 3a-Androstanediol Glucuronide
    48 --------- Ceruloplasmin (326X)
    49 --------- Coenzyme Q10 (198268)
    50 ---------
    244.9 ----- 257.2 ----- 780.79
    250.00 ----- 272.4 ----- 788.41
    250.01 ----- 601.9 ----- 253.3
    255.4 ----- 780.4 ----- 255.8
    783.9 -----